What Is The Wiccan Symbol For Love?

What Is The Wiccan Symbol For Love?

If you’ve ever wondered what the definitive Wiccan symbol for love is, I can tell you, there isn’t one.

Because Wicca itself is a manifestation of love. So Wiccan symbols is a Wiccan symbol for love.

Take for example the pentacle, it is a symbol of the triumph of good against evil; positive against negative. The triumph of love over hate, and so on.

Here’s another one, the sun symbol. It is the triumph of light against dark. Which somehow translates to the triumph of love against the darkness within us.

And how about the snake? It is the triumph of the new against the old. It’s the triumph of new habits of love and letting go of old habits of hate. It’s about new beginnings and starting over as an expression of self-love.

Here at the Moonlight Shop, we have all Wiccan symbols of love and more. There’s love for someone else, love for yourself, love for Wicca and love for everything around you.

Surrounding yourself with Wiccan Symbols for love actually attracts more love into your life. Not only that, it also fosters self-love.

Because it’s true what they say, the more you have love for yourself, the more you can see clearly and positively, and the more love you can give and receive.

Witches Are The Best Lovers Pillow (Romantic Love)

There is no better pillow for the lover in you than this one right here. It’s fun and sweet without being too forward and cheesy.

Express your love for someone else with this pillow. It is a perfect present for the one you love. This pillow will remind them of you and make them smile or laugh or both.

If there’s one sign of love it’s wanting to make the other person laugh.

I AM (Heart Necklace) (Self-Love)

The "I AM" Heart Necklace reminds you that you are kind, funny, lovable, sincere, and brave... and sometimes you need reminding :)

This necklace will remind you of all the wonderful qualities that you forget you have. Not only that, it also inspires you to improve on some qualities that have become so hard to practice, like being gentle, considerate, and fair-minded.

Wear this as a reminder of the good person that you are and of the better person you can be.

You can draw your strength from this when you have to make a choice, especially when the wrong thing starts to look easy, and the right thing to do is looking difficult to do.

You can also use this to focus your intentions on self-improvement and self-help spells.

My Heart Beats for Wicca (Wicca Love)

The My heart beats for Wicca necklace is a great way to show your passion and commitment to Wicca in a subtle and non-threatening way.

Just like Wicca, it does not seek attention, it is not in-your-face, and does not rub your beliefs in other people’s faces. It is muted, balanced, and calm.

It speaks what’s in your heart without the use of a horn but something like the sounds of Nature, like running water or the shuffling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds.

Wiccan Heart Shirt (Love for Everyone)

The Wiccan Heart Shirt will spread loving vibes all around wherever you go. It somehow applies the threefold law -- whatever you give you receive 3x.

So if you give out loving vibrations via wearing this shirt, you are more than likely to receive much more love. It almost says:

“My Wiccan Heart is pure, kind, and ready to love you.”

This features a protective knotwork design that protects your heart from evil deeds that are poison to a pure heart.

Whether it’s a present for yourself or for someone else you want to protect, this is a powerful Wiccan Symbol for love that’s unique and hard to beat.

Love Beach Towel (Love for Everything)

Because the truth is, the more you learn about Wicca, the more you realize that it is actually about love.

You can give this to a fellow witch or a friend or a family member. The awesome thing about anything that bears Wiccan symbols is that it has built-in protective energy… so it keeps whoever receives this safe from not only physical harm but also spiritual and emotional and mental harm.

Another sign of love is wanting to keep that person safe from harm.

Wiccan symbols for love are subtle and inclusive. They do not limit you nor are they so exclusive prevents non-Wiccans from wearing them using them.

Such is the beauty of Wicca that it extends to anything that bears Wiccan symbols.

If you want to show your love to someone else or if you need to show yourself some love, there are Wiccan symbols that abound for your use.

Every choice is wise, that you don’t need to choose wisely. :)

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