Wiccan Necklace Guide For New Beginnings

Wiccan Necklace Guide For New Beginnings

When you dust yourself up to start over again, it calls for an amulet or a symbolic pendant to close a chapter in your life and stick to your resolve. A Wiccan necklace can do just that. In fact, Wiccans and Pagans mark important events in their lives by the use of magickal items like a Wiccan necklace. In the World of Wicca, there are many symbols for new beginnings like the butterfly, the phoenix, and the snake.

The Butterfly 


Butterfly of Change

Butterflies have long been a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. The butterflies go through different stages: larva, pupa, and adult. As the butterfly goes through each phase, it gracefully submits and does not resist. You should take it from the butterfly, that it blooms so beautifully as an adult; just as you would once you undergo each stage to make you the person that you ought to be.

And you should not for once think that you are unimportant and your actions are insignificant. For the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings cause a hurricane in other parts of the world. Your words and actions can cause a storm in another’s world.

A butterfly Wiccan necklace will be a positive force in the transitional periods in your life. It inspires hope, lightness of being, and peace of mind.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix of Change

The phoenix is the only bird that sings to the Sun God and the only bird the Sun God has blessed with eternal life. This bird with eternal life teaches you to get up after falling down, which is its equivalent of being reborn from the ashes and resurrecting itself.

Wearing a phoenix bird Wiccan necklace only strengthens your desire for change and lets you stick to your guns in moving past what’s done. If you are ready for renewal and reincarnation, you are ready to welcome the phoenix in your life. It will inspire a change in mindset, habits, and environment.

The Snake

The New Beginnings Necklace

The snake or serpent is a symbol of rebirth and renewal in many cultures around the world. It is normal for the snake to shed its old skin to make way for new skin. This in itself is a symbol of a big transformation and purification that is a normal part of its life.

Just as in your life, it is a normal part of your growth to shed old patterns of thought, old habits and cut ties with people. It is necessary for growth, and that is what the snake teaches you.

A snake Wiccan necklace will inspire you to allow old things that are no longer working for you to die away to make way for the new you.

Whatever Wiccan necklace you choose to accompany you as you start over will surely work with you according to your heart’s desires. To make your pendant more powerful, it also needs the help of your spirit and your mind, so do not take one step forward and two steps back, ultimately wasting your potential for growth.

What is your symbol for new beginnings? We would love to hear your thoughts! Please share in the comments section below. :)

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