Get Ready For Love

The sky is brighter, the sun - warmer, and the birds are all singing. Love is in the air! The question is, are you ready for it?

We are now in the second month of 2023, and you know what that means. The world is now preparing for the day of love - Valentine's Day.

People celebrate love in different ways around the world. For us Pagans, it’s Imbolc. This event marks the beginning of spring. It's held in February - which is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Imbolc is also known as the winter purification and fire festival - often called the “Feast of Lights”.

The name Imbolc means “in the belly”, or “lactation,” and signifies the growth of life in the womb of Mother Earth. It celebrates Brigid (Brigit), the Irish Celtic goddess of:

  • fire

  • fertility
  • crops
  • livestock

  • wisdom

  • poetry

  • and household arts.

Imbolc provides the first glimmers of life in the darkness of the Earth. The Goddess prepares for the birth of the Sun God. Christians call this festival “Candlemas” which is also known as St. Brigid’s Day.

Today, pagans celebrate Imbolc by focusing on Brigid. To do this, you need to set up an altar with the symbols of Brigid. This may include a corn husk doll, white flowers, a bowl of milk, and candles.

We know everybody loves chocolates, strawberries, flowers, or anything else that tastes sweet. It's a cliche that is as timeless and enduring as ever. So, how do you make the apple of your eye feel even more special this Valentine's day?

We've gathered the entire Moonlight team and pondered this exact same question. We spent days that turned into weeks, and we still couldn’t find that one perfect thing to offer you. So, we decided to do a collection instead. Because why not? Everyone loves a little differently from others.

We wanted to make sure you find the perfect items you can give your lover to make them very happy. So, if you’re ready for love, check out the items we have for you below!

Whether you are celebrating love or looking for it, you will find something special for your special someone.  Make your lover forever yours with these magickal items.

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