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    1) Sounds good. How does it work?

    It's simple. Once you subscribe, you get instant access to the members area, where you can download The Moonlight Post, all of our guides and more.

    Each month, you'll get a brand new issue in your members area.

    2) What is The Moonlight Post

    The Moonlight Post our monthly magazine for Wiccans and Pagans, tailored to accelerate your spiritual training, one day at the time.

    Each month, we cover a specific topic (fx. The Sabbats, Guardians, Spellwork, The BOS, Dietes, Tools of Wicca etc.). With time, you will have your very own Wicca Encyclopedia.

    The experience, know how and wisdom you will get from the post, is priceless and something you can pass along to your children, grandchildren or even members of a coven or a study group.

    Each issue is about 30-40 pages long and is filled with articles, interviews, how-to guides, spells and rituals, tips and tricks for the modern practitioner and much, much more...

    3) What if I want to stop my subscription?

    Why would you ever want to leave? Just kidding. You can cancel at anytime. We hope you'll stay, but we don't make it hard to leave.

    4) What about perks? I want extra perks!

    Sure. As a subscriber of the Moonlight Post, you'll get special members only deals and discounts, occasional free shirt or necklaces, free guides and ebooks from other authors.



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