Wicca Weekly: March 17, 2022

Wicca Weekly: March 17, 2022


Merry Meet! Ready for a little midweek pick-me-up?

Grab a steaming cup of tea or coffee, plop on the couch, and let's dive into this week's awesome content!

Supercharge Your Power of Intention


The power of intention says that every intention you have is like a seed. And to make it a reality, you need to plant this seed and allow it to grow. How? Read on.

Read the blog post HERE. 

These Rare Designs Are Back!


They're back — but for a limited time only! These gorgeous designs are specially created by members of the Moonlight family from all over the world.

We put them on a limited sale some time ago, and never sold them again... until now, due to popular demand. 

See all relaunched designs HERE. 

A Wise Witch Once Said...


“Witchcraft is never cookie-cutter. Like recipes from a book, the recipes are often tailored to individual tastes as long as the general formula and steps are understood.”

- Mat Auryn, Author 

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Blessed be!

3 Responses

Darlene Khadka
Darlene Khadka

February 15, 2023

I love reading all the emails and looking at all of the designs you have as well as the jewelry! Thank you.

Charli Curris
Charli Curris

April 20, 2022

The Witch Blog is great- we need to enter into the power and the love the Craft offers- Thank-you

Druid Kae
Druid Kae

April 20, 2022

Thank-you for that, and may the light brighten ur path throughout time and space. Happy Ostara. Let ur spring within shine! )☆( BB

Orkney, Scotland, UK

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