Guide Towards Igniting Your Power of Intention

Guide Towards Igniting Your Power of Intention

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The last years have been marked by a rising interest in spirituality, well-being, and mental health. This is because people are more and more aware of the impact of their thoughts on their behavior. The resolutions for the new year are something common. Setting up goals for the next year is something that could give people a direction to go to. But few think about the power of intention.

Most people have heard about the power of attraction that states that you attract what you are or want the most. The power of intention, on the other side, says that every intention you have is like a seed. And to make it a reality, you need to plant this seed and allow it to grow. The power of intention says that the more you focus on your intention, the less power it has to grow. This is why it is important to become aware of your intention, plant it, and then let it go. Because when it will be grown up, it will reach you for sure.

But how can you ignite your power of intention? How can you put this concept into practice, so that it ends up serving you?

Creating your power of intention might be challenging at the beginning, but there are a few tips and tricks that could help you ignite it.



Practice Awareness

One of the most important things that will help you ignite your power of intention is to be aware of it. Knowing your desires, goals, and values is important because these are the foundations of intention. They shape it, so it is essential to be aware of these. How could you practice awareness and get to know your inner world? By practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you identify your thoughts. But an important practice from mindfulness is letting your thoughts go and not focusing on them. This is also the core principle of the power of intention: identifying it and then seeding it. Mindfulness is a nice tool that can help you become more aware of your surroundings, as well as of your inner world. To ignite your power of intention it is essential to first become aware of it and cultivate the soil to seed it.

However, you may find that practicing mindfulness is difficult at the beginning. This is something all people go through, as it may be challenging to focus your attention on a single thing at first. But with patience and practice, you will slowly master it and identify your intention.



One of the things that help you ignite your power of intention is to be specific. We all think about our dreams, goals, and desires most of the time. We all have something we always wish would come true. The law of attraction and the power of intention say that all your dreams could become reality. But you need to be specific.

There are many cases where people say they tried to ignite their power of intention, but it did not work. This might be because we sometimes want very broad things. We would like a chair to sit down and we could get a broken chair. This is because this lack of specificity affects the power of intention.


Connect to Your Feelings

If you do not believe that the power of intention is real and that you have the power to ignite it, it will not happen. You create and attract everything you yearn for and desire. But if you do not trust your power of making all your desires become reality, they will not become real. This is why it is important to connect to your inner world, feelings, and emotions.
Even though your intention has not yet become reality, when you seed it and let it grow, you feel fulfillment. You already know that it will happen sometime in the future and you are ready for it. People often stumble upon this process, as getting to know more about your inner world and connecting to it can be frightening. But remember, if you do not do this, you will not be able to create your power of intention.

Plant Your Seed

After you have connected to your inner world, your feeling realm, all you have to do is to plant your seed. Your intention will grow on your feeling soil and it will come to you. This might sound odd at the beginning as it is not a process that implies doing something physically. And many people feel that just identifying your intention and connect to your inner world will not do the trick. We are multidimensional beings and our energy is present in many different dimensions. This is something quantum physics taught us and that nurtured the power of intention and law of attraction.

Allow the Universe to Do Its Magic

You don’t need to always be physically working towards achieving what you want. Sometimes, your mind, your feelings, your intention, and the universe work together to give you what you desire. After you have planted your seed, all you have to do is let it go. At the right moment, your intention will become reality because the universe works towards it.

(The Pentacle Of Intentions)

Final Words

The power of intention is strongly intertwined with the law of attraction. They work because the energy of humans is present in many dimensions, both non-physical and physical. You can identify your power of intention, connect to your inner world, and plant your intention in the fertile soil of your feelings. Then, allow the universe to do its magic.

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Eddie carella

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