Pentacle of Intentions

  • The pentacle of Intentions is a unique and fashionable necklace. The 5 personal birthstones makes this pendant a personal piece of jewelry that you can every day for protection and fashion. It is useful when you need to state your intentions to the universe and your gods.

    • A very unique and personal design:
      The unique design of this sharp necklace will give you the power and protection from the Pentacle while you can enjoy the benefits from your personal birthstones.
    • Handmade In The USA:
      This pendant is made in the US with care and from high quality nickel and lead free pewter. In other words, this is a very durable and allergic free necklace. You can wear this necklace every day, all day long. Even if you are usually allergic to other necklaces.
    • Dimensions & Cord:
      The pendant measures approx. 1.65 inches in diameter and comes with a black 18" leather cord with lobster clasp (if you want a 20" leather cord or a 30" untied cotton cord, please leave a note with your order during checkout)

    Birthstones meaning and benefits:

    • January (Deep Red Garnet for power, importance, confidence, courage and winning)
    • February (Purple Amethyst for stability, peace, balance, calmness)
    • March (Aqua Blue for healing and medicinal power)
    • April (Aurora Borealis for mental clarity, lucid dreaming and psychic abilities)
    • May (Emerald Green for happiness, pure love and luck. This stone has healing abilities)
    • June (Lavender Tanzanite for increasing fertility for men and women, clear communication and healing)
    • July (Ruby Red for harmony, protection and happiness)
    • August (Green Peridot for wealth, health, joy, and emotional well-being)
    • September ( Sapphire Blue for creativity, inspiration and aligning body, mind and spirit)
    • October (Pink Tourmaline for self confidence, dispelling fear and negative conditions)
    • November (Gold Topaz prevents accidents and fires and helps you sleep without nightmares)
    • December (Blue Topaz for enhancing metabolism, overcoming depression and other mental illnesses)
    • Black Onyx for new beginnings, detachment, emotional self control and balance

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