I AM (Heart Necklace)


  • The "I AM" Heart Necklace reminds you that you are kind, funny, lovable, sincere, and brave... and sometimes you need reminding :)

    This necklace will remind you of all the wonderful qualities that you forget you have. Not only that, it also inspires you to improve on some qualities that have become so hard to practice, like being gentle, considerate, and fair-minded.

    Wear this as a reminder of the good person that you are and of the better person you can be. 

    You can draw your strength from this when you have to make a choice, especially when the wrong thing starts to look easy, and the right thing to do is looking difficult to do. 

    You can also use this to focus your intentions on self-improvement and self-help spells.

    The pendant is perfect for Wiccans and Pagans and is 100% non-threatening to people around you. 

All of our dog tags, bangles, rings and necklaces are with our own designs, which makes them truly unique. You cannot get these anywhere else.


This product is 100% made-to-order in America with high-quality materials.

It's made from Surgical 316 Steel with a Hand-Poured Liquid Glass coating and/or 18k Gold Finish for a clear display of vibrant designs.

It is UV resistant and waterproof, so it will last a lifetime!


The dog tag measures approx. 28.5mm x 51mm and comes with a 24" luxury military necklace.

The pendant measures approx. 23.5mm diameter and comes with an 18-22" ultra comfortable and adjustable snake chain.

The bangle is adjustable and fits everyone, measuring 7-9" (18-22.75cm).