Understanding The Pentacle

Understanding The Pentacle

What is a Pentacle?

The terms pentacle and pentagram are used interchangeably outside Wiccan circles. Full-fledged Wiccans know the distinction between the two. For novices, the pentacle is the most recognizable symbol in Wicca and witchcraft.

It is usually disk-shaped and most often than not inscribed with a pentagram within. So if it is a five-pointed star within a circle, it most certainly is a pentacle.

The pentagram is what you usually find within the pentacle. It has five points with two-fold meanings attached to them. The first: symbolizing the north, south, east, west and the spirit; and the second: the earth, water, air, the spirit and the divine. If encased within a circle, it is symbolic of wholeness and unity.

Pentagrams and Pentacles are very persistent symbols in human history, and they were used as far back as 3500 BC. Both were also used in many other ancient cultures those in India, China, Egypt, Greece, plus the Mayans of Central America.

To the ancestors of your Christian friends, the pentagram or pentacle symbolizes the five wounds of Christ, or the five virtues: generosity, purity, fellowship, courtesy and mercy.

Misconceptions about the Pentacle

A lot of people pass judgment on symbols without even realizing their true meaning. The pentagram and pentacle are notorious for being misunderstood. For Christians, Jews, and of course, Wiccans, the pentagram, in its upright position is a positive symbol of light and love, representing the air, the earth, the water, fire, and the God or Goddess.

It was in the 1800s that the up side down pentagram became a symbol of darkness. For Satanists, the inverted pentagram represents the physical elements of earth dominating the spiritual aspects of life, it also represents the goat’s head of Baphomet. So it is understandable why the positive use of the pentagram could get muddled up with such a misuse.

The Pentacle as a Protection

Most Wiccans wear something with the pentagram symbol (for example a Pentacle Necklace) because Pentacles and Pentagrams are not only symbols, but also protective amulets. A pentacle or pentagram adorned house or person equals a protected place and person.

How birthstones can help you

Wearing a pentacle with your birthstones in them invokes energies and magical properties that correspond to the month you were born.

Each birthstone adorned pentacle has metaphysical qualities that draw out the energies that are inherent in you, and each gem has unique vibrations that are uplifting and healing. For example, for those born in January, a garnet encrusted piece coaxes out the love goddess in you, enabling you to share your love openly with the world. 

It is always wise to have your own thoughts backed up by intelligent research when it comes to understanding symbols. These symbols that you have always feared and closed your doors to just might hold the key to learning more about you and the world around you.

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