The "I Am" Heart Necklace

The “I Am” Heart Necklace is a special necklace for someone so special..

...someone like you.

What makes this necklace so special is that it not only features all the traits that are already within YOU, but also all the other traits that you aspire to have.

The “I Am” Heart necklace is bursting with vivid colors and positive words against a black backdrop.

It is beautiful. It is precious. It is unique. You won’t find it anywhere else, just as no one can find a replica of you.

What makes the “I AM” Heart necklace different from the rest?

Why would you wear a necklace with a design of positive traits? Because life has its ups and downs. And when you are down, you tend to cast a negative light on yourself and forget all of your wonderful traits.

You can forget that you are kind, funny, loving, lovable, sincere, bright and brave, and think that you are dull, evil, dumb, and fearful.

Why is it important to be reminded of the goodness within you?

Knowing your positive traits is important because when your chips are down, you are going to need the will and the light inside of you to get out of your negative situation.

Negative thoughts can distort your perception of yourself and of reality. Identifying your good qualities when you are feeling worthless is key to not letting your negative thoughts win!

Because if Wicca has taught you anything, it’s to not let anything negative rob you of your inner strength.

Being a Wiccan means bouncing back and banishing negativity and replacing it with positivity. Only then can you transcend the physical world and live a life of magick.

Practice your positive affirmations whenever and wherever...

Just think: On your way home from work, it’s the usual long and crowded commute going home. You are tired and you feel unappreciated by your boss and officemates.

You and your partner are having another argument about some stupid little thing. You think there is no end in sight. Things could not possibly get any worse. You start thinking that maybe you deserve this...

And then you remember you are wearing your “I Am” Heart Necklace. Your hand clasps it and you look down.

You see the words “I AM” in bold red. Then you see the words surrounding it. Positive traits. Good traits.

You think, “Hey! I AM diligent.” or “I AM forceful!” And suddenly, things aren’t so bad as you thought they were.

The positive feelings start coming. And you find yourself ready to face a new day…

No matter where you are and no matter what happens, you are not worthless and you have a purpose in your life. Wearing your “I Am” Heart Necklace will remind you just that.

A necklace that lasts forever…

The pendant measures approx. 23.5mm diameter, which makes it the perfect size for a piece of meaningful and very personal jewelry.

The material is from surgical steel and shatterproof glass, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. This is one piece of jewelry that will last for many decades. Unless it hit it with a sledgehammer, it won't break or wear out.

It is also UV resistant and waterproof. So don’t have to think of removing it before bathing or swimming and then remind yourself to put it back on again.

It is 100% made in the USA. You will not receive a necklace that comes from a factory in China.

It comes with an 18-22" adjustable snake chain, which will look good and fit everyone. If you prefer, you can easily put another chain on it.

The “I Am” Heart necklace fits everyone. It will definitely fit you.

It comes in a beautiful gift box and will make the perfect gift for someone you love.

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