Things You Need To Protect Your Home From Negativity

Things You Need To Protect Your Home From Negativity

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If you just moved into your new home or you had someone you love pass away in your home, you are going to feel a certain feeling of being bare and and there’s a certain heaviness in the air, you are going to want to protect your home from not only physical harm but also negativity.

Ever wondered why some places just make you feel icky or nervous or just plain down? Like when you step in you immediately feel that there is something in the place. It makes you feel sick, dizzy, weak, and it’s not just a matter of a lack of ventilation.

Your home can draw in and store negative energy if you don’t take steps to drive it away. Luckily, Wicca involves a lot of blocking and driving away negativity. Our tools also function to drive away negativity.

Here are 7 tools to help keep your home safe from physical and spiritual harm.

  • Pentacle

  • The pentacle is a very powerful protector of a person or place. Our ancestors would simply carve out the symbol of the pentacle to protect their dwellings. Having the pentacle symbol on your front door will help protect it and everyone living in it. You can also have a pentacle door sign or a pentacle door knocker. Having everyone in your household wear a pentacle necklace or bracelet will also help protect them from harm.

    Pentacle of The Black Onyx from The Moonlight Shop

  • Incense or Smudge sticks

  • Sage incense or smudging with sage has the power to disturb negative spirits. The most protective herbs for incense are sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, frankincense and sage. For smudging it’s sweetgrass, white sage, blue sage, cedar, and lavender. Always have incense lit up in your home to repel negative spirits and smudge on a regular basis to get rid of any stored negative energy in your home.

  • Chamomile

  • Chamomile is known for its protective powers. Sprinkle chamomile flowers around your home to remove hexes. Create an infusion to wash your windows and doors with to keep unwanted energies out.

  • Sea Salt

  • Creating a circle of sea salt around your home will also prevent any negative energies from crossing over it and reaching your home. You can make a salt circle around your home, add a line of salt by your door and your window sills just to cover all your bases.

  • Crystals

  • Crystals create a circle of protection pretty quickly. You are going to need more than one. Four crystals is the minimum number of crystals you need to form a circle of protection. A crystal should be placed by the cardinal points. Negative spirits are gonna find it impossible to cross that circle of crystals. And if they do, they can get trapped inside. Place crystals by your windows and doors to prevent entry of negative spirits.

  • Gemstones

  • Gemstones, depending on its intrinsic quality, can protect you and your home from unwanted negative spirits and vibrations. The Amethyst for example blocks manipulative spells and Obsidian cancels negative energies. Wearing jewelry with gemstones or placing gemstones strategically in your house will help block and cancel negative vibrations.

  • Broom

  • The broom or besom is a symbol of cleansing. A besom placed by the door of any household will block negative spirits from entering. If your besom falls to the ground, it means a negative spirit has entered your house.

    Brooms of Elder Necklace from The Moonlight Shop

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