Putting Together Your Altar

Putting Together Your Altar

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Every Wiccan should have his or her own personal altar. An altar reflects the witch and it is a space where you cast your spells, perform your rituals, or commune with the Divine. If you check practitioners of every religion, you will notice that each has an altar that expresses their beliefs, and it’s also a place where they pray and worship.

The confusion is probably due to the endless possibilities; it can overwhelm a witch! This is where we come in and help you with the basic supplies that are non-negotiable and the ones that are considered added touches to your altar!

Choosing Your Space

Your altar does not need to occupy a big space. This is a common concern of Wiccans who live in apartments or those who have roommates and such. Your altar can occupy a corner of your room and it doesn’t have to be a particular size or made from a particular material. An altar also does not have to be a permanent fixture. There are portable altars and collapsible altars that you can just set aside and store till your next ritual or spell casting.

About The Tools

A Wiccan altar does not need a strict set of tools for it to be called a Wiccan altar. Whatever is on the altar really depends on the witch. For example, every witch has his or her familiar and also a set of deities.

So if you witch friend has this particular storage for her chakra stones, don’t think that you need that on your altar too, unless that reflects your beliefs.

But of course, there are the basic tools that would be very helpful if you have them on your altar because these are the tools you are going to need in almost every spell and ritual.

Putting together your altar

That being said, here are the non-negotiable basics you should have on your altar:

Altar cloth

A sacred cloth you use to protect your altar and to cradle all your altar tools.


Ritual candles and ceremonial candles are essential in magick. They absorb negativity, set your intention, and play key roles in many spells and rituals. You will need a candle in EVERY SPELL or RITUAL. If you can place a candle in every cardinal point, that would be excellent.

Smudging stick

Before and after you perform magick, it is very essential to smudge and clear away any form of negativity. A smudging stick is something that you will also need in EVERY SPELL or RITUAL.

Smudging bowl or shell

A smudging stick needs something to cradle it, catch its ashes, and a place where you can put out the flames. A smudging bowl or an abalone shell will fulfill each need perfectly.


A cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess and Wicca is a very Goddess-centric religion. It is a multi-functional symbolic item where you can mix ingredients in and create your brews, potions, and elixirs.


The wand has been used for centuries by witches in casting spells, directing energy, charging objects and herbs, and also healing. A wand is also used to cast and close your circle.


Symbols of your deities


Symbols of your deities are not things that you need in spells or rituals simply because calling on them and asking for them with a chant or a prayer will do. But since your altar is also a form of expression, having a symbol of your deity will make it even more personal.

Incense and Incense holder

If you’re the type who easily gets distracted, lighting incense will help greatly in helping you focus. Of course, make sure you have an incense holder to be safe.

Crystals, gemstones, and runes


Each crystal, gemstone, and rune stone has its own physical and spiritual properties and are very powerful healers, balancers, negativity-banishers, and etc. What’s more, rune stones are also used to communicate with the Divine.

I hope this was able to help you and answer your questions about setting up an altar! Please feel free to ask more questions in the comments section below. :)

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