Celtic Brass Cauldron

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"Use the Celtic Brass Cauldron to transform your thoughts into magick, right in front of your eyes and right on your altar!"

The cauldron is the symbol of the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen, and also of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. It is also the symbol of Birth, Life, and Death. 

It is a very important ceremonial tool to Wiccans. The traditional cauldron has 3 legs, representing the Triple Goddess aspect: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The plump figure symbolizes the womb of the Earth, which is Mother Nature. 

The cauldron holds the indispensable things a witch needs in casting spells and rituals. Like herbs, oils, and incense. The cauldron is where a witch creates and mixes potions and herbal concoctions. Much experimentation is done using the cauldron, making it one of the most useful accompanying tool a witch can have. 

This cauldron is beautifully made, featuring Celtic engravings and a shiny brass finish. 

Use this for:

  • Incense-burning
  • Mixing potions
  • Making herbal medicine
  • Rituals
  • Use as a scrying bowl
  • Holding candles, water, and sea salt

Product dimensions:

The cauldron measures approximately 3 inches x 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches.

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