Make Your Dragon Guardian Trust You By Wearing The Dragon Guardian Necklace

Make Your Dragon Guardian Trust You By Wearing The Dragon Guardian Necklace



As human beings, we are always looking for guardians in our lives.

A guardian to look up to, to seek help from, and to shake us back to reality.

Because, human as we are, we tend to stray from the right path… 

...There are even some who have yet to go on the right path. 

What is this right path that we are talking about here?

The right path is a path of:

  • No hatred
  • No violence
  • No depression
  • No grudges
  • No addictions
  • No self-inflicted pain

It is filled with:

  • Love and care for all creations
  • Purpose
  • Fulfillment
  • Spirituality
  • Positivity
  • Kindness
  • Good-heartedness
  • Good-naturedness

When we are acting out in kind and good-hearted ways, we are going back to our true nature.

Children as young as 4 years old can already detect signs of distress in other people and instinctively try to help to make them feel better.

Do you still remember how you were when you were young - the childlike innocence you had?

If you don’t and if you want a refresher - it's that feeling you get when you care for other people and help other people. That’s the feeling right there.

It truly is a beautiful place to be and to aspire to.

Your Dragon Guardian

The truth is, you are never too old for guidance.

And the guidance of your Dragon Guardian is one of the best kind of guidance there is.

Fierce Protectors

Your Dragon Guardian is one fiercely protective guardian. They are VERY powerful.

They are the chosen gatekeepers of the Fae Realm, which is just testament to their strength.  

Dragon Guardians have a strong desire to protect.

Model Disciplinarian

Your Dragon Guardian would much rather keep you on the disciplined path, but if you stray - he or she will not harm you.

Dragon Guardians will not harm you to keep you doing the right thing. What they do is lead by example.

Dragon Guardians get hurt if you act in ways where you harm yourself. Picture a hurting dragon guardian. It is painful, isn’t it? 

That is why if you seek them out, you have to gain their trust.

Because a dragon guardian becomes very invested in his or her human.  

Gaining the Trust of Dragon Guardian with the Dragon Guardian Necklace

To gain the trust of your dragon guardian - like a lover, you have to win them over.

Dragon Guardians do not show themselves to just anyone who casts a spell or performs a ritual to call upon them.

You may think that winning them over is for them, but it is not.

It is for you.  

See, when you win your dragon guardian over, you are going to have to change how you live your life.

Which means:

  • No more gambling
  • No more smoking
  • No more drinking
  • No more cheating
  • No more suicidal thoughts
  • No more giving abuse and taking abuse
  • No more eating junk
  • No more disrespecting your body
  • No more self-inflicted pain

This is where the Dragon Guardian necklace comes in...

Before you even begin winning your dragon guardian over, the process of change within you has already started.

Here’s another thing, your dragon guardian chooses YOU!

And based on my experience, those who are into dragons already have the presence of the dragon in their lives.

If you are into dragons, chances are, they’ve already tried to make contact with you.

And if you missed it, don’t worry...

...use the dragon guardian necklace to invite your Dragon Guardian back into your life.

Dragon Imagery - like dragon mugs, dragon shirts, dragon rings (see below) are ways to make contact with your dragon guardian.

But the Dragon Guardian necklace is the best way to make your Dragon Guardian trust you.

It's something you can wear all day every day and even when you sleep.

You wear it around your neck and it lands right on your heart, communicating how true to your heart your desires are.

There is a Dragon Guardian for each soul. Once you are ready, your souls are going to intertwine for a life of greater purpose and magick that’s stronger than ever.

Check out what people are saying about the Dragon Guardian Necklace!

Handmade in the USA

The Dragon Guardian necklace is handmade in the USA (not China) and made of high-quality materials (because it’s made here), to ensure that it lasts a lifetime!

Ideal for Hypersensitive Skin

It is also made from nickel-free and lead-free pewter, so it will not cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive people.

If you are ready for a life of discipline and higher purpose and spells that are 10x stronger, it’s time to start gaining the trust of your dragon guardian NOW.  

Click here now, to get yours:

3 Responses

Lorraine Elliott
Lorraine Elliott

February 02, 2021

I need to be quiet and listen to the people in my family better

Mary Jaeger
Mary Jaeger

February 02, 2021

I’ve always loved dragons and the Fae. It’s a strange attraction to some but it feels like a calling to me.

Thomas Whitley
Thomas Whitley

February 02, 2021

Dragons are my favorite animal because of its protective nature and loyalty to any one who gains there trust.

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