What Is A Dragon Guardian And Why Should You Care?

What Is A Dragon Guardian And Why Should You Care?

Here at The Moonlight Shop, I have added some awesome Dragon Jewelry lately...

...and since then, I have gotten lots of questions about Dragon Guardians. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but in this post, I'll do my best to answer the most often asked questions.

What is a dragon guardian?

Dragons are fierce by nature and one of the key traits of dragons is their desire to protect. In myths and fables, dragons often protect treasures, but they have been known to be protectors of humans as well.

A dragon guardian protects and guides you. Just like an angel or a spirit guide would.

When you open your mind, you'll be able to feel its presence and its guidance.

a statue in a park

(Protectors of Nature Bundle from the Moonlight Shop)

Does everyone have a dragon guardian

Let me put it this way; Everyone has the potential to attract a Dragon Guardian into their life.

However, since we are all different and since there is more than enough spirit guardians out there for all of us, not everyone's guardian will be a dragon.

But, it's my experience and understanding that people who are into dragon magic, usually have a dragon presence in their life...

What is the best way to bond with your dragon?

Bonding with your dragon guardian is a lifelong process, but before we go into that, you need to understand something...

...you don't choose your dragon, your dragon chooses you!

But with that said, if you are already into dragons, chances are that your dragon guardian has already tried to make contact.

If you feel that's the case, then one of the best ways to connect and bond is to use dragon imagery. This can be images on your walls, a tattoo or Dragon jewelry, like this Dragon Guardian Necklace from our shop:

a necklace hanging on a wall

(Dragon Guardian Necklace from The Moonlight Shop)

I personally prefer the jewelry, because it's something you can have on you at all times, but it isn't as permanent as a tattoo (and I've never been that much into tattoos either).

Some things to remember:

It can take years for a Dragon to decide to be someone's Guardian. Just because you feel its presence, it doesn't mean that it's "Your Dragon". It doesn't work like that.

However, sometimes people can live an entire life with a Dragon Guardian, without ever knowing it was there...


  • A Dragon Guardian helps you by protecting and guiding you
  • A Dragon will choose you. Not the other way around.
  • It takes time to connect and bond with your Dragon. Sometimes years.
  • Imagery (like a Dragon Guardian Necklace) is the best way to bond.
  • A Dragon can be around you for its own reasons.

a close up of a reptile

I hope you found this interesting and if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, use the comment box below. I'd love hearing from you :)

What do you think?