Finding Zen in Your Own Backyard: Simple but Effective Steps You Can Take

Finding Zen in Your Own Backyard: Simple but Effective Steps You Can Take

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Zen, often described as a state of total focus in which mind and body are in sync, is increasingly sought after as our world becomes ever more complicated and stressful. While originally referring to a sect of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation, Zen has become popularized as a state of being that anyone can achieve. One of the keys to living in a state of Zen is learning to observe the world as it is and accept it lovingly, rather than living in conflict with it. Other components of Zen include being fully present in each moment and understanding the interconnectedness of all beings. Fortunately, you don't need to join a temple or meditate for hours each day to benefit from the principles of Zen. A few tweaks to your daily routine can pay off with a vastly improved sense of wellbeing and inner peace.


Get Moving
One easy way to focus your mind and body is by engaging in a slow, rhythmic activity. Examples are walking and biking, which force you to breathe deeply and pay attention to your environment. This type of exercise also has the added physical benefits of improved heart health and muscle tone. Another great Zen-inducing option is swimming. Whether doing laps or treading water in place, you can bring all your attention to the sensation of your body moving through the water and your breath flowing through your body. Consider searching for pool builders near me to discover the possibilities. Imagine floating on your back under a clear summer sky, gazing up at the constellations, and simply appreciating the awe-inspiring beauty around you. That is truly the epitome of Zen.


Create a Routine
Another simple yet powerful tool in the pursuit of Zen is to create a sense of order and structure in your life. While the occasional spontaneous activity can be a fun break, having an overall routine to your days greatly improves your ability to live in the moment. Creating a daily pattern frees you from having to figure out what you should be doing at any given moment. Following the same steps every day allows you to truly focus on each activity. For example, washing the dishes immediately after each meal can become not just another chore but a few minutes in your day when you savor the ritual of warm soapy water transforming dirty glasses into shiny works of art.


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Make Time To Meditate
When crafting your daily routine, be sure to include time for meditation. Ideally, you will set aside a few minutes two or three times a day to meditate. If you like, you can perform a traditional seated meditation, but that is not necessary. You can meditate in a chair, lying on the sofa, or anywhere else you are comfortable and safe. There are also lots of options for how to meditate, such as concentrating on your breath or on a mantra. The important thing is not the specific details of how you do it but rather to establish a consistent meditation practice.


Clear Out the Clutter
While you may not instinctively connect the clearing out of your home's clutter with achieving Zen, the two are definitely linked. Remember that Zen is a tranquil state involving both body and mind; therefore, your physical surroundings do affect your mental state. Ensuring that yours is an orderly, clean, and pleasing environment will make it much easier to live in the moment. Each of your material possessions should serve a functional or artistic purpose. Release anything that is simply taking up space or making you feel stressed.

Be easy on yourself as you strive for the joyful state of Zen. The principles are simple, but achieving them takes consistent effort. Simply do your best to rearrange your home and your routine to make space for the practice of mindfulness. Rejoice in those fleeting moments of bliss. Forgive yourself when you fall short, acknowledge that you are not perfect, and then try again.

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