Feel The Love of the Mother Goddess with the Pentacle of the Moon Necklace

Feel The Love of the Mother Goddess with the Pentacle of the Moon Necklace

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We go through different stages in our lives:

First, there’s the stage of wonder and innocence

Second, the stage of fertility and growth.

Last, the stage of wisdom and letting go.

Regardless of your gender, you can relate to this. This is not only for women.

Life goes round and round in cycles. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down…

...and you know what? The times when you are down are necessary. You heard me right, they are essential to your growth.

Can you imagine being born and have just good experiences?

How do you even move on from the stage of innocence to the stage of growth and next, the stage of wisdom?

Do you now see how essential every stage is to one another?

Even our Mother Goddess goes through the same stages. All you have to do is look up at the night sky to know which stage the Mother Goddess is in.

Is the moon waxing, waning, or full? Rest-assured, our Mother Goddess is going through the same stages that we go through.

So what do we make of the difficult times in our lives?

We have to put it in our heads that we are being shaped by our experiences, and the strongest shapers are the hard times we go through.

The trick is to remain strong, get through it, and turn to the Mother Goddess. Because the Mother Goddess is a mother who cares for you and loves you…

...and you are her child, and a part of her is in you.

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Feel The Love of the Mother Goddess with the Pentacle of the Moon Necklace

Let the Pentacle of the Moon Necklace remind you of the love the Mother Goddess has for you and the journey you share together

...let it empower you to stand strong when you find yourself in a challenging situation.

Invite the Mother Goddess into your life

If you bear the symbol of the crescent moon, you are in essence, inviting the energy of the Mother Goddess in every stage of Her life.

The Mother Goddess also TEACHES us in each stage of her life.

The Pentacle of the Moon pendant features a crescent moon interlaced with a pentacle.

The crescent moon

The crescent moon is the symbol of the Mother Goddess. The pendant actually shows the crescent moon in a cradle-like position, the perfect reminder of the Mother Goddess cradling you in Her arms.

The pentacle

The pentacle is a powerful symbol of protection, reminding you of your inner strength and personal power.

People report feeling a surge of energy after putting on a pentacle necklace.

The birthstones 

You have a birthstone that you can work with and which will enhance your personal gifts.

Wearing a necklace with your birthstones will only enhance your good qualities and let them shine through.

In magick, your birthstone will infuse your spell or ritual with your intentions.

Check out what people are saying about the Pentacle of the Moon:

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Other details about the Pentacle of the Moon necklace:

Handmade in the USA

What makes the Pentacle of the Moon cooler is that it is handmade in the USA (not China) and made of high quality materials (because it’s made here), to ensure that it lasts a lifetime!

Ideal for Hypersensitive Skin

It is also made from nickel-free and lead free pewter, so it will not cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive people.

If you want to enhance your qualities and you need a reminder of your innate strength, and you like the comfort of a loving and caring Mother, then you should definitively go and order your very own Pentacle of the Moon necklace today.

Click here now, to get yours:

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