The Mother Goddess

The Mother Goddess

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The Mother Goddess is a central figure in Wicca. She is the creator of the Earth and the Universe and the giver of life.
The Mother Goddess is the embodiment of the divine feminine.  She is Mother Nature, the Earth. She is fertility and the turning of the seasons. She is the cycle of birth, life, death, and regeneration. Where the God is hard and unyielding, the Goddess is soft and bending, embracing us all. 
Not only did She create all things, she also put a part of herself in each of Her creations - even in YOU.
The concept of the Goddess came before the time of the patriarchal gods.
The Mother Goddess comes to us in many forms. For the Greeks, she was Demeter. For the Egyptians, it was Isis. For the Norse, it was Freya.

The concept of a single goddess representing the Maiden, Mother, and Crone is a Wiccan one.
The triple moon is the symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone stage according to phases of the moon. It is also strengthens and supports feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities.

If you bear the symbol of the triple moon goddess, you are in essence, inviting the energy of the Mother Goddess - in every stage of her life - into your life and sharpening your psychic abilities.

The Mother Goddess also TEACHES us in each stage of her life:


In the Maiden stage, the Goddess is a virginal young woman or a young girl who has not yet awakened. She is excited, with a wide-eyed wonder. It is the time of new beginnings, youthful ideas and youthful enthusiasm.

The Maiden stage is associated with the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, as the moon grows from dark to full, making it the perfect time to do spellwork related to new beginnings, creativity, intelligence, passion, and growth.


In the Mother stage, the Goddess is the next phase of her life where She is fertile and abundant and growing and happy. She is fulfilled -- sexually, socially, and emotionally.

The Mother stage is associated with the full moon, making this the perfect time for spells of advancing, moving forward, fertility, success, prosperity and fulfillment. This is the stage of becoming consumed with the birthing of something bigger that was previously thought possible.


In the Crone stage, the Goddess is in her final stage. She is at her wisest stage and she is nearing death.

The Crone stage is associated with the waning moon and the chill of winter - the dying of the earth, making it the perfect time for spells of wisdom, guidance, patience, banishings, and endings.

Our Mother

The Mother Goddess is a Mother and she is OUR Mother. So like our own mothers, she is nurturing, caring, helpful, and she always wants the best for us.

Which is why if we cast spells and perform rituals, inviting the Mother Goddess, you can count on her being there. Because in reality, the Mother Goddess and her love is all around us.

Look at the fruit-bearing and sheltering trees, the beautiful flowers, the life-giving rivers, the food-providing seas, and the animals that give us companionship.

Look at the inner strength that you have and your kind heart. Every time we act kindly and graciously, that alerts you to the presence of the Mother Goddess within you.

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Kim Lyon
Kim Lyon

April 29, 2022

This is the most comforting thing I have ever read. I am in the Crone phase of my life and have only recently realized my true path. How comforting to know She has been with me all along!

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