Exquisite and Luxurious Wiccan Necklaces For Protection!

Exquisite and Luxurious Wiccan Necklaces For Protection!


There are many types of Wiccan jewelry and all of them have innate powers of protection.

This is why our ancestors wrote Wiccan symbols on the walls of their caves… for just the act of writing the symbols and the presence of symbols in their caves, could protect them, keep them safe, as well as banish negative energy.

Banishing negative energy is something that is vital to the Wiccan path.

You may think it’s harmless to have a little negative energy here and there but during the time of our ancestors, negative energy could mean giving up on life during the long and cold winter, or losing faith in themselves and giving up on gathering food for their families.

Our ancestors also had to deal with not only severe weather elements but also actual threats to their lives in the form of wild animals.

Face to face with a wild animal, the tiniest part of negative energy would make them less confident in their abilities. That time, it could mean losing life or limb.

Fast forward to the present, negative energy is insidious and can ruin relationships, take down self-confidence, tear down ideas and dreams, and make you anxious that can lead to mental and physical illness.

Luckily, we have more options for Wiccan necklaces for protection. If you already have a pentacle collection, we have unique Wiccan jewelry for you.

  • Protective Knotwork Luxury Necklace

  • Just looking at the Protective Knotwork Luxury Necklace, the intricacy is almost impossible for anything to pass through.

    Such is the power of the knotwork design, and it was used by Celts to protect themselves.

    This is one powerful knotwork that keeps evil intentions, evil thoughts, bad energy, and hexes away.

    The Protective Knotwork Luxury Necklace will keep you safe wherever you go. Just don’t ever remove it. And you don’t have to because it is waterproof. And unless you strike it with a hammer, it won’t break.

    Whether it's at home or at work, you'll be surprised at how much bad energy tries to latch on to you!

    That’s all bad energy ever does, it doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have hobbies, its main purpose is to find something to latch onto.

  • I Was Born A Warrior Luxury Necklace

  • If you believe anything less than this… then for sure, it’s negative energy affecting your mind, body, and spirit.

    It features the Valknut surrounded by the 9 noble virtues of Odin, of which are the ability to help and empowering yourself.

    Aim for a belief in yourself that is so strong that it will be extremely difficult for anything to affect that.

  • Virtues of a Witch Necklace

  • The "Virtues of a Witch" Necklace features the main virtues of the witch: Wisdom, Honor, Courage, Truth, and Integrity.

    The virtues are something to aspire to and should be easy without the temptation of evil seemingly easier.

    Taking shortcuts in life means you are essentially lying, which means you won’t develop wisdom, you’re not acting honorably, choosing the cowardly thing to do, and to everyone around you, you don’t have integrity.

  • Pentacle of Elder Necklace

  • The Pentacle of Elder necklace is protective for it communicates with the Divine the way your ancestors once did.

    This contains all the Runic Alphabets, each with their own meaning, purpose, and divining power.

    Where you can choose one rune for every purpose, you have all of them in one pendant, so you can call on every rune to help you in every aspect of your life.

    Take for example the Wunjo Rune.

    Wunjo best translates into "optimism"

    This will help you protect yourself from negativity by always making the positive win. Negative experience at work?

    You can look at it in a positive way… yes, you have that much power over your thoughts!

    Negativity only attracts negativity and it multiplies like weeds. The Wunjo will help you think positively to draw positive people and experiences in your life.

    These Wiccan necklaces for protection are unique and you won’t find them anywhere else! They are crafted carefully and only feature the most awesome designs!

    Let Wiccan jewelry like these empower you and lets negativity crumble in their and YOUR presence.

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    June 16, 2020

    The group, the family, the merchandise…quality, welcoming, exquisite…taking the plunge, I’ll be bragging soon.

    Nancy Fails
    Nancy Fails

    March 05, 2020

    I don’t have the money at this time but I will next month . Thank you.

    Patsy Myers
    Patsy Myers

    March 05, 2020

    I am enjoying

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