Do witches need to wear wiccan clothing?

Do witches need to wear wiccan clothing?

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Do witches need to wear wiccan clothing? That is the question.

The answer? It depends.

Ok, let’s try to find out...

Wiccan clothing, particularly modern Wiccan clothing, serves many functions:

  • Expression 
  • Inspiration 
  • Affirmation 
  • Attraction

Find out why you should add more to your Wiccan clothing collection, (if you already have) or add Wiccan clothing to your clothing collection (if you still haven't).


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When was the last time you checked out Wiccan clothing? Maybe it was years ago. Maybe they designs are so overdone and have been over-expressed.

I mean how can it be your form of expression when almost everyone at the last Sabbat party you attended was wearing it? Really. How?

Not sure the last time you checked but Modern Wiccan Clothing rocks! They are awesome. They are not common. Every Selma, Harriet, and Scott cannot be wearing them because there is a lot to choose from!

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Okay...Back to expressing yourself.

If your spirit animal is the wolf or the crow, you can find them.

Crazy about dragons (just like a million other witches)? You won't necessarily be wearing the same design as every witch you come across.

There's even Wiccan clothing now to represent the whole different types of humor (I am looking at you, sarcastic witches *wink).

If you feel like you are really a cat or a dragon trapped in a human's body... there's Wiccan clothing for that.

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If you're a sucker for corny quotes... there's Wiccan clothing to express that as well.


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On the next purpose... Inspiration.

If you've lived long enough in this life, you'd know that even the most optimistic and most well-balanced witch also faces trials and tests.

Witches do get depressed.

Overcoming the negative is something that needs to be worked at continually in this life, hence the value of negativity-banishing pentacles, protective triquetras, and amulets.

Luckily, a lot of Modern Wiccan Clothing have an inspiring touch to them.

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Whether it's just to keep calm or to be reminded to turn the other cheek and choose kindness instead of simply reacting with anger.

It could also be a shirt that reminds you not to be quick to judge.

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These are Wiccan clothing that help you be a better witch.

Because there is no perfect witch, just human witches.


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This is somehow tied to inspiration. Affirmations are words that hold so much power.

They are words you tell yourself in order to make them real.

They can set the course for your day and make you stronger in the face of overwhelming negativity.

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Take for example failing an exam, getting into a massive fight with a friend, getting insulted by someone you care about, or maybe it's getting fired from your job.

Whatever negative experience cannot change the good qualities you have inside.

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Wiccan clothing can help you affirm your positive qualities, in a way giving more power to your positive qualities and in a constant battle between good and bad... letting the good win.


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Wearing Wiccan clothing has the power to attract what you want to attract. Take for example positive things, like love.

If you want love, then by the rule of the threes (the Wiccan Rede), you better give love.

A "love is for everyone" hoodie will make you more generous with your love and affection, which, in turn, makes you more open and receptive to love.

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The same goes for the "Witches make the best lovers" shirt. By wearing modern Wiccan clothing such as this, it shows everyone how cool you are...and easygoing... and funny.

All three are qualities that everyone looks for in a partner.

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Now that you know the different functions of Wiccan clothing, I say adding these to your clothing collection wouldn’t hurt and would only make your life more positive, more prosperous, and more magickal.

These are shirts that are physically beautiful and unique, but they also celebrate and encourage all your beauty and your uniqueness.

If those things are important to you, then I believe, without a doubt, that you do need to wear Wiccan clothing :)

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What do you think?