10 Cool Wiccan Items You Can Totally Wear Right Now

10 Cool Wiccan Items You Can Totally Wear Right Now

There are many Wiccan items out there that you probably don’t know exist. The truth of the matter is, Wiccan items like Wiccan clothing, Wiccan accessories, and Wiccan jewelry are getting cooler by the minute!

There was a time when you could only choose between a Wiccan necklace or a Wiccan ring or a Wiccan shirt and that’s it. But we have come a long way since that time.

I am gonna show you some of the really cool Wiccan items that can only increase your cool witch quotient!

1.) As Above So Below T-Shirt Hoodie

The As Above So Below T-Shirt Hoodie is not only cool, it is also hot! It is form-fitting fashion and will accentuate your curves (trust me, you have them!). When people think of a witch, they think of the witch hat, a witch robe, and a cauldron. While those things are true, there are many smokin’ witches out there who dress differently!

This T-Shirt Hoodie is a break from the big old hoodies that tend to cover up the female form, because not every witch likes that. :)

As Above So Below T-shirt Hoodie from The Moonlight Shop

2.) Triple Moon Of The Goddess Sweatshirt

The Triple Moon Of The Goddess Sweatshirt features a beautiful design of a cross between the Mother Goddess and the Tree of Life. Because who provides for us? The Mother Goddess does. In the same way she did for our ancestors.

The design really grabs a hold of your attention. I am sure because after creating this we were truly mesmerized. It’s perfect for the cooler months or if you just wanna jog and sweat the toxins out of your body.

Triple Moon Of The Goddess Sweatshirt from The Moonlight Shop

3.) We Do Not Die Necklace

This necklace really hit us hard. I mean the everyone has a fear of dying, you can’t deny that. What this necklace does it to affirm what is true-- that we never truly leave this world, we are just reborn into something else.

Wear this under your shirt and feel the courage and fearlessness grow in you.


4.) Pentacle and Crescent Moon Cap

Everyone should have a hat or a cap. It’s just one of the modern ways we express ourselves. Your ancestors did not have caps, and wearing one shows you are of this time. There are so many colors of the Pentacle and Crescent Moon cap to choose from, that you can switch depending on your mood. The true challenge here is to choose just one. It’s gonna be tough!

Pentacle and Crescent Moon Cap from The Moonlight Shop

5.) New Beginnings Pullover Sweatshirt

The New Beginnings Pullover Sweatshirt is perfect for when you wanna start over in your life. We all want fresh starts and new beginnings. Just like the snake, we shed old habits and ideas and make way for new ones. That is a part of life and how we grow.

The cool thing about this design is it is unobtrusive. You know what the Snake and the Pentacle mean to you and you are not rubbing it in someone else’s face. Because you know, sometimes you just don’t wanna have to explain anything to anyone.

New Beginnings Pullover Sweatshirt from The Moonlight Shop

6.) Nature is My Church Unisex T-Shirt

The Nature is My Church Unisex T-Shirt will make a very cool undershirt for the colder months and an even cooler top shirt in the hotter months. This will go well with almost anything-- khaki shorts, denim shorts, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, black jeans, red jeans, mini skirts, and so on!

It features a stained glass design, the kind that you see on churches. Because Nature IS your church.

Nature Is My Church Unisex T-shirt From The Moonlight Shop

7.) Witches Make The Best Friends Ever Necklace

The Witches Make The Best Friends Ever Necklace is something your best witch friend would love to receive. It is very sweet and very true. Because honestly, witches are among the kindest, most peaceful, most humble, and most giving people on this earth. They make the most understanding, forgiving, and thoughtful best friends ever! If you are thinking of giving this to someone, doesn’t that prove anything?

Witches Make The Best Friends Ever Necklace From The Moonlight Shop

8.) Wiccan Definition Racerback Tank

The Wiccan Definition Racerback Tank is perfect for those hot summer days. Bonus if you have your Wiccan friends to wear it with, then you can all wear it together because Wiccan means WE CAN. Get it?

Because this says “Hey, WE CAN help cure your problems” and “WE CAN help bring miracles into your life with our tools.”

Wiccan Definition Racerback Tank from The Moonlight Shop

9.) I Am Really A Cat Hoodie

 You will have a hard time finding a witch who doesn't love cats. Witches and cats go a looong way back and have similar fates. Witches and cats are two peas in a pod that it gets you thinking sometimes-- “Am I really cat?”

I Am Really A Cat Hoodie From The Moonlight Shop

10.) “This Witch Is From” Hoodie

Where are my witches at? Put your brooms up in the air! With these hoodies, you don’t have to. These hoodies truly represent! Imagine a world where all witches would wear these hoodies. Now you don’t have to guess whether your neighbor or the person who was just introduced to you is a Wiccan. You won’t have to seek belongingness in a coven if we all wore these, right? So, where are you from?! :)

This Witch Is From... Hoodie from The Moonlight Shop

We keep rolling out cool Wiccan items here at the Moonlight Shop. Every week we have new designs for you to appreciate, admire, and enjoy! :) These are only a few and there are more coming so you don’t get bored with the same old same old, and have something to look forward to every week! :)

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