Create New Beginnings

Create New Beginnings


We are in a unique time when society is experiencing a worldwide reset. I would encourage you to refocus your energy on new beginnings. While it may be challenging to let go of stress and look forward, try and look at your life in segments. Segmenting your life will create many benefits and allow you to create new beginnings and good luck.

When you leave a segment, leave it in the past and look forward. We can do this with phone calls or entire portions of the life where we experience negativity. A example could be a phone call that drains your energy or leaves you with negative thoughts. Instead of letting the call bring you down for the day, cut it off and put the call in an imaginary box and lock it up. You can do this by taking 5 deep breaths, imagine the air you breathe in replacing your anxiety with positive energy as you visualize all the negativity being released on the exhale.

If you get into a slump and are not able to let go and create a new beginning using mediation or your breath, there are many tools that will assist you to move forward. Trigger the senses by using candles, incense or taking a bath. Try our new beginning spell or create your own using candles, scents and crystals that speak to you and offer positive benefits.

New Beginning Spell

Items Needed:

Smudge Stick - Chose one or use all

  • California White Sage: Protective & Cleansing Properties, Mood Lifting, Cleansing
  • Desert Sage: Banish evil spirits
  • Pine Smudge Stick: Promotes heath and speeds up healing from illness

Candles - Can use one or all.

  • White: Peace, purification, protection, harmony
  • Blue: Healing, stable emotions, protection
  • Green: Success and luck

Butterfly Pendant - symbolizes new beginnings and promotes restoration in beliefs and releasing fears.

Begin by doing something to help you to let go and refocus. Turn on meditation music, take a bath, burn incense and light candles to get you in the calm state to create your positive outcome. Spells connect to your energy, you must be in a clear mindset and space to create what you want.

Once you feel calm and ready to begin. Start by taking 5 deep breaths. Imagine a magnet going into your body during the inhale and pulling out any negativity as you exhale.

Light your smudge stick and cleanse your area. Open your windows and watch as the old energy leaves. Now close your windows so we can replace your space with positive energy and protection.

Light your candles and sit down at your altar, take the butterfly pendant in your dominant hand. Watch the flames and imagine as the candle burns, they are releasing protection and restoring your home with peace, harmony and positive energy. You can do this silently or turn on music that feels healing and restorative to you. Take the pendant and place it close the candles so it absorbs the energy.

Imagine your goal, what is motivating you to do this spell? If your motivation is a new job, imagine what your dream job will look like. What will you be doing and how will it make you feel. Whatever the goal, imagine how it will feel when you get there, what will it look like on the outside and how will you feel on the inside. Imagine what you will do when you get there, how will reaching your goal empower you?

Now take your pendant and put everything you visualized into the pendant. Visualize your dreams. Imagine yourself flourishing and reaching everything you want. Imagine yourself in a cocoon and coming out of this as a butterfly.

Sit and watch as the candles burn and continue to imagine your dreams coming true. Allow the candles to burn all the way down. Keep the butterfly pendant with you, always close by as you flourish and reach your dreams.

I wish you love, light and healing and hope this spell offers you the protection you desire.

Bio: Ariel has been practicing white magic for many years. She started with meditation and quickly realized how energy creates action. In her free time, Ariel casts positive spells to include karma, healing and protection related magic. Ariel enjoys reading, listening to music and rescuing animals. Love. light and blessings. Ariel is the creator of the white magic website EZSpells

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Candy Maples
Candy Maples

August 05, 2020

thanks really like this article

Debra Crowder
Debra Crowder

June 29, 2020

I loved this article! Simple and easy to do but drawing so much energy
Thank you for sharing. I love this website. Just found it but will definitely be back!

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