A Beginner's Guide To Candle Magic

A Beginner's Guide To Candle Magic


Candle magic is perhaps one of the most elementary ways to perform a spell, and still yet an incredibly powerful one. It is a wonderful tool for those just starting out, those on a budget, and any witch that feels connected to the element of fire.

Despite its name, candle magic doesn't derive its power from the candle itself. The candle is a tool to utilize the transformative power of fire. By performing candle magic you are setting your intentions and putting them into motion using flame.

This short guide will help anyone that wants to know about the art of candle magic begin practicing it in no time.

Choose Your Candle

There is no such thing as too many candles when it comes to a witch's stockpile. They are an invaluable tool in all forms of magic. The type of candle you decide to use for your spell depends on what you are trying to achieve and how long you want it to burn.

Types of Candles Include:

  • Tea Lights
  • Votives
  • Chime Candles
  • Container Candles
  • Seven Day Candles
  • Figurine Candles
  • Birthday Candles

Another important aspect of choosing your candle is what color it is. Colors in magic have different correspondences, which you should try to match as closely to your intention as possible. Also, keep in mind what certain colors mean to you personally.

Quick Color Correspondences:

    • White - Purification and Clarity
    • Black - Banishing Negativity and Protection
    • Red - Love, Passion, and Strength
    • Pink - Friendship, Self-Love, and Emotional Healing
    • Orange - Power and Confidence
    • Yellow - Joy and Creativity
    • Green - Prosperity and Fertility
    • Blue - Peace and Health
    • Purple - Intuition and Psychic Abilities
    • Brown - Grounding and Balance
    • Silver - Reflection and Lunar Connection
    • Gold - Victory and Solar Connection

Set Your Intention

Your intention is what you want to get out of the spell. It's important when deciding on your intention that you be as specific as possible. If you're asking for money, maybe there is a certain way you'd like it to come or an amount you need. Try to hone in on the details in their simplest form.

Don't try to achieve too much with a single spell. If your goal is something grand then you should break it down into several small intentions and space them out over a number of candle spells.

Your intention should come down to a single sentence. Spend some time figuring out how to write it out. Don't use negative language or you could create obstacles. This sentence should be very straightforward and communicate exactly what you're hoping to get out of your spell.

Charge the Candle

Connecting your energy and intention to the candle is a key part of candle magic. It's possible to charge your candle simply by putting your hands over it and focusing your energy on it. Keep your intention in mind, or write it on a piece of paper and put it under the candle.

You can inscribe symbols on the candle using a pen or a small knife. These symbols can be as simple as a number or a word. You can also use magical symbols or runes if you have a connection to them. Anything you inscribe on your candle should match your intention.

Find an oil that shares a close correspondence with your intention to anoint the candle. Rub the oil all over the candle to transfer the energy. Even a simple oil like grapeseed oil will work here to help you charge your candle.

Herbs are another good way to further dress your candle and charge your spell. Choose herbs that correspond to your intention and roll your oil anointed candle in them. You can also surround the candle with a circle of these herbs.

Perform Your Spell

Before you do anything else, you should spend some time focusing on your intention. Sit quietly in front of your candle and think about what you want to bring about with this spell. Meditate on how you will feel after the wanted result comes about.

When you are charged by the energy of your intention, light your candle. The power of the fire melting the wax and burning the wick will help to transform your intention into reality.

If you've written a chant of some kind to go along with your candle spell, now is the time to recite it. Sit before your burning candle and repeat your chant as many times as you feel is necessary to get your intention across.

If you write your intentions down on a slip of paper, it's a good idea to burn it during the course of the spell. Light one corner of the paper with the candle's flame and drop it into a fire-safe vessel such as a cauldron to turn to ash.

After the spell is said and done, you should leave your candle to burn out on its own. Some candles will burn all the way down and completely disappear, while others will leave wax stubs behind. There are witches who agree it's okay to put your candle out with a snuffer or wet fingers, but it's widely accepted that a candle should never be blown out.

The remnants of candle magic shouldn't be reused in other spells. If you have leftover wax it's best to dispose of it in a safe and appropriate manner.

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Steven Strickland
Steven Strickland

April 20, 2022

Thank you for your instruction.

Debbie Hammond
Debbie Hammond

October 21, 2019

I would likw to thank katie for some of the information she talked about. Im a beginner to the craft. Her idea of passing down your shadow book is a great idea. Im a tarot card reader and wanting to pass them down to my grandaughters. Ive been working on my book of shadows getting my information together. I really enjoy reading about new thing and learning about the craft. Thanks to everyone who shares with us beginners.


October 18, 2019

I sincerely appreciate your materials and look forward to sharing my experience with you.


October 17, 2019

As a seasoned/hereditary witch this article is a nice reminder that spell work doesn’t always have to be intricate or elaborate to be very very powerful magic. For anyone reading that is unaware or new to the craft, a “heredity witch” is a practicing witch who comes from a line of witches who passes the craft down from parent/grandparent to child (usually from mother to daughter). Personally, I’m an equal opportunity Hereditary Witch and passed my knowledge down to both my daughter and to my son. There was never particular age to start teaching the next generation of witches but rather when the mother felt the child was mature enough watching and waiting for the child’s interest to be peeked and the string of questions start be asked. In this, it’s hoped that this way they are then ready to absorb this knowledge, family history, and can control the transference of energy levels from themselves out into the world naturally without taxing themselves. We always have their first book of shadows waiting for this day to come (it’s very exciting) and a brief lesson of what the Wiccan Rede means, how to be responsible with our power, and how we don’t use our craft to hurt anyone, and we don’t perform magic on anyone without their permission. You have to keep all that short and to the point because the fun stuff is getting in there and performing the actual magic with them. They can learn all that big boring stuff later. Then, as far back as my 3X great grandmother, we have always began there first lesson with a little bit of candle magic. Since they’ve seen Circles opened and closed hundreds of times in their life until this point so they already understand the importance of this step but it will be their first time opening/closing what we call, their “Little Circle” instead of just being enveloped into Mommy’s Big Circle. Then we create their first spell together using simple candle magic using whatever idea is most prevalent on their minds at the time, like a tailored health spell for the snotty nose they can’t get over, to summon extra bravery to eat Lima beans at dinner that night, suck in all the Smarticles for their spelling test (yes you read that word right. Smart+Particles=Smarticles), etc. This are all actual spells from my kids’ first book of shadows but not necessarily their first spells just some from memory. As we are preparing the items or ingredients for their spell I write an ingredient list in my book of shadows and ask them to copy it into their’s like I did. While our hands are busy working we create and form the words that’s will make up their chant or spell. As a preference, I like mine to rhyme, but to make it easier for the child to memorize we do one or two rhyming couplets so they can memorize them then say them as many times in a row as they feel they feel they need to strengthen their spell without stopping to read it it. Secretly I count the amount of times so they can add the number to their book of shadows. Then poof! Magic!!! They got a magic, history, reading, writing,& family history lesson while spending time with mom never knowing all the lessonS packed right in. Rinse & Repeat until you feel they are able to start working on their own. Something secretive and once thought of as taboo has woven a beautiful & magical lineage for myself and my children while create unforgettable memories for us as well with a firm basis of knowledge of the craft. I’m so proud of it and I’m happy to finally share this with anyone that took the time to read this post completely. I hope maybe someone did so they might start their own lineage of Hereditary Witches that maybe a hundred years from now someone can say great great great gramma Trudy learned how to boost our family’s power axis and can show a precise lineage of Hereditary Witches line thru the multiple books of shadow that is past on as one witches star is extinguished and a new one begins to twinkle as the books are past down to the next family of witches.

Shameka Bouldin
Shameka Bouldin

October 17, 2019

I love this site. It has truly brought out the wiccan in me. My family is originally from New Orleans and my ancestors practiced voodoo, with this site I’m able to connect with my ancestors and do spells.

Theresa Graham
Theresa Graham

October 17, 2019

Thank you for this. I greatly appreciate this.


October 13, 2019



October 13, 2019


Karen Wellington
Karen Wellington

October 11, 2019

This has given me some information that I was unaware of. Thank you

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