An honest opinion of The Moonlight Shop

An honest opinion of The Moonlight Shop


In this video, one of our customers is telling us why she simply loves the moonlight shop and shows us some of her favourite finds.

She also tells us what to be really careful when shopping online.

Video Highlights:

0:10 - Why she loves The Moonlight Shop
0:32 - Her favorite items
0:46 - What started it all
1:07 - Why she needed a new necklace
1:23 - What she thinks of the quality
1:29 - What you have to watch out for when buying online
1:58 - The difference when buying from The Moonlight Shop
2:22 - Why she will shop here for the rest of her life
03:02 - Final thoughts

Video Transcript:

So, this is my review of The Pentacle of the Black Onyx.

First of all, I have really fallen in love with this store.

I've been having issues finding a place to buy all this stuff, and I mean I found stuff but it's fallen apart or it's come with negative energy on it.

And it's not what I'm looking for.

While here, you have, as you can see a whole bunch of them, they have positive energy, they're well-made, and it feels nice to have them around my neck.

Now this one is what started it all for me;

I bought the Pentacle of the Black Onyx because I have a lot of issues going on in my life, a lot of negative energy, a lot of things that are bringing me down.

And I was going through my Facebook one day and this popped up.

You guys had it on sale, and I was like, I needed to get that just to help me get rid of this negative energy.

And this is the first time I've taken it off, just to do this review since I got it about two weeks ago.

The craftsmanship is beautiful.

It's one of the best made I've seen. Like I said I've had, I've gotten some other stuff, like from [???], and it comes in the mail and the craftsmanship is not, like this, is not all that good.

And it came with a really bad looking chain that was just... it just wasn't nice, and I had to actually cleanse two of them because the negative energy coming off of them was like none other.

So it's nice to have something that there's positive energy coming off of it.

And it's so beautifully made, it feels nice.

So this helps to absorb negative energy and it helps get rid of your fears and worries.

And that is something I really need in my life right now.

But the craftsmanship is beautiful, it's very nicely made, and I plan on shopping at Moonlight for the rest of my life, probably, because it's so beautiful and you guys, they are so nice.

I've gotten some of the best emails from them. And it makes me feel like, it's personalized, even though it's probably not.

It makes, they make you feel welcome, they make you feel good and I absolutely love it.

But that is my review of the Black Pentacle.

It is an amazing necklace and I have never taken it off for about two weeks straight.

So, I mean I don't even think I've worn half of these because of this.

But they're all amazing.

And I could give the same kind of review on any of them because they're all beautiful necklaces.

Beautifully made and it really seems like they take the time to put a little piece of every one of themselves into it because it's very nicely made, very friendly, and I just love it.

So, that's my review!

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April 20, 2022

I retract my last comment it finally arrived the chain is weak but I expected that I’ll try the leather next time I replace all my metal chains with dog tag chain or it will break I’m a bit rough


February 04, 2020

Does it turn your skin green

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