A Mojo Bag And Simple Money Spell To Draw Money Into Your Life

A Mojo Bag And Simple Money Spell To Draw Money Into Your Life


Drawing money into your life is not as simple as performing spell work and expecting some windfall in return. Drawing money into your life is a combination of focusing your energy towards a specific goal, asking for help from the Universe, and making a conscious effort to get closer to that prosperous reality. To draw money into your life is just a quarter spell casting and the rest is composed of guts, planning, and sheer hard work.

Magick, at its core, is about setting an intention and unblocking all the negativity in your life that can hinder the positive things from coming in. And all the candles, oils, incense, curios, gemstones help make your intention into something tangible.

To help you achieve your goal, these are two things that can help get you going: a Mojo bag and a simple money spell.

What is a Mojo bag?

A Mojo bag is something that should be on your person at all times, whether you are out and about or meditating. It is put together specifically for one purpose: to attract big money into your life. This bag contains all the herbs, curios, roots, and crystals anointed with money drawing lucky oils that bring big money in your life. Your can magnify the strength of your mojo bag by doubling the variety of roots, herbs, curios, and crystals in your bag.

The money drawing herbs are cinnamon, basil, bay leaves, cloves, and allspice berries. The money drawing crystals are Peridot, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Imperial Topaz, Garnet, Jade, and Citrine. Coins are also a money drawing curio! To strengthen your mojo bag's powers, your mojo bag should be a pouch in green in color. Place a small note in your mojo bag detailing your intention.

Here's a simple money spell to draw money into your life:

This spell is best done under the full moon or a waxing moon.

For this, you will need to know how to tie a knot (who doesn't?) and the following:

  • 1 Green Candle
  • A 13-inch green-colored cord (anointed in money drawing oil for greater effect)

What you should do:

Take the piece of cord in your hands and make one knot. With each knot you make, there is a corresponding line:

“Knot one, the spell has begun”

“Knot two, plenty of things to do”

“Knot three, money will come to me”

“Knot four, opportunity will come knocking on my door”

“Knot five, I will thrive”

“Knot six, my money problems will be fixed”

“Knot seven, success will happen”

"Knot eight, increase will be great”

“Knot nine, all of this will be mine”

Now that you have the mojo bag and the simple money spell locked down, it is time to get out there and do the hard work to bring your hopes, dreams, and desires into fruition. These two are only the easy parts of the equation, now it's time for hard work!

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Willie  bailey jr.
Willie bailey jr.

January 29, 2022

Great example

Star Badgett
Star Badgett

July 19, 2021

I’m excited to try this !

Lakema Hickson
Lakema Hickson

December 30, 2020

I need a burst of financial blessings I believe this book would be a useful tool to help me receive that blessing. Thanks God bless

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