These 4 Items Will Make You Wealthier

These 4 Items Will Make You Wealthier

Wealth is not just about making and having money. Well, wealth does involve money, there is no denying that. But first and foremost, it is actually a state of mind. Wealth does not come from any external force, but it actually comes from within. Just like happiness and love.

You can have money but not have a wealth. And you can be wealthy without having an excessive amount of money.

There are many Wiccan spells that have to do with money-drawing, and wealth-generating, and prosperity-attracting. And why not? In this time and age, you could use a little bit more money to go to bills, to pamper yourself, to start that business you’ve always wanted to start, to move out of your parents’ house, or to take up that class you’ve always wanted to.

Attracting wealth is requires action on your part and not just wishing and hoping (although that helps a little bit)! The good thing about being a spiritual Wiccan is that we believe that if we put our desires out in the open constantly for the Divine to respond to, the Divine will respond favorably in many ways. And there are tools which put us in the prime position to attract wealth, prosperity, and draw in money.

  • Money Drawing Candle

  • A green candle is a good money drawing candle. A green candle that is reiki charged with your intention is a powerful money-drawing candle. Of course, you can charge your own candle but there are candles created specifically for that, with a blend of essential oils that will help you focus during your spell or ritual for this purpose, direct your energy towards that one purpose, and help carry over your message to the Divine effectively!

     Money-Drawing Candle from The Moonlight Shop

  • Money Drawing Bath Soap

  • A Money Drawing Bath Soap is something you can use every day or before every wealth-attracting spell or ritual you perform. What the Money Drawing Bath Soap does is unblock passages that can hinder a clear and strong connection with the Divine. Think of yourself performing wealth spells or rituals after a long tiring day where you feel nothing but frustration. Not such a good idea, right? Use the Money Drawing Bath Soap for that.

    Money-drawing Bath Soap from The Moonlight Shop 

  • Fehu Rune Shirt

  • If you aren’t familiar with the runic alphabet, Fehu best translates into “wealth.” It is the rune for attracting wealth, prosperity, and success. So it may not be a shirt, it may be the a Fehu rune stone in your pocket or a Fehu rune bag or bracelet. Whatever it may be, you are actually doing it the way our ancestors did to attract wealth in their lives. Except during their time, wealth came in the form of cattle. Fehu literally means cattle. 

    Fehu Rune T-shirt from the Moonlight Shop

  • Green Aventurine Accessories

  • Green Aventurine Belly Button Ring From The Moonlight Shop

    The green aventurine is the gemstone for attracting money and wealth. It is rightfully called the “Stone of Opportunity.” Not only does it attract money, encourage wealth and prosperity, it also brings you positive luck. Gamblers even rely on this to boost their chances of winning! And people who are getting tax audited, attending a business meeting, going to a bank to have a loan approved, or job hunting like to have this stone with them for a favorable outcome. 

    Having them altogether or just having one of these items and being committed to your spells and rituals will surely make you wealthy or wealthier than you are now.

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