7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Crystal Spheres

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Crystal Spheres


The mention of a crystal sphere conjures up images of a jewel-adorned gypsy fortune-teller leaning over the ball to give you a glimpse of your past or future. Although this is the most common use known to many people, crystal spheres come with a range of properties that improve a person’s environment and provide guidance in their life.

A crystal sphere is a powerful tool that one can use to improve harmony and positivity in their life. The perfect symmetry of the sphere allows it to release positivity in all directions and improve the vibe in your personal space. The shape of the sphere also aids in creating a suitable working environment by giving out continuous energy flow.

Besides, you can inspire yourself and improve your well-being using crystal spheres and birth crystals. The perfect symmetry of crystal spheres makes it possible to use them in different situations due to their high-frequency healing energy. Among many other uses, you can use crystal spheres to meditate, relieve stress, for Feng Shui, and as a meaningful décor on your work desk.

With the many possible ways of using crystal spheres, people are bound to make mistakes when using them. To get the most out of your crystal spheres, avoid these 7 common mistakes when using them.        

Selecting the Right Crystal Sphere

There’s a variety of material used in making crystal spheres, the most common of which is glass. If you’re using the crystal sphere for scrying, then you can obtain a ball made from Quartz because of its clarity. Most people use different crystal spheres to improve energy in their rooms.

However, the choice of material used to make the sphere will have different effects when it comes to crystal ball gazing. Since most spheres are of glass, you can’t use them effectively for crystal ball gazing. Using them in this case often diverges into other forms of scrying.  

It’s important to use the right sphere for scrying to avoid any misconceptions that may arise from using glass spheres for crystal ball gazing. Remember that the spherical shape of the sphere is to equally emit energy in all directions. The uses of the crystal sphere will vary with the type of material used. 

Learn how crystals protect by choosing the right type of material. According to some experts, Sunstone spheres improve sexuality, whereas balls made of Moonstone improve your sexuality. Besides, you can boost your romantic life using Rose Quartz spheres.  

The Set and Setting for Using the Sphere

Setting up is one of the most important steps to effectively using your crystal sphere. Getting it wrong will mean that you won’t be able to get the most out when meditating using the scrying ball. The wrong setup won’t help improve the positivity in your room due to the uneven emission of the crystal's high-frequency healing energy.

You need to prepare both your environment and state of mind before using the crystal sphere. Your room shouldn’t have too much light since this may make scrying more challenging for you. You can achieve this by using a few candles and use black cloth underneath the crystal sphere to limit the reflections.

Marin Schwartz, an academic essay writer, provides essay papers and assignment help to college students in areas of spirituality, psychology and meditation, has a piece of advice here. As per her, meditation is only effective when the environment you’re in is peaceful and quiet.

She suggests using the crystal ball in a space that’s quiet and peaceful so that there won’t be any interruptions. You can set the mood in the room by burning incense or have spiritual music play in the background.

Your frame of mind can also affect your scrying or crystal ball gazing session. You must have a level-head before using crystal spheres. Whether you're in high spirits or have a pent-up negative emotion, engage in an activity that relaxes your mind, such as meditation. You should also keep an open mind as to what to expect from the scrying session.     

Taking Care of the Crystal Sphere

Besides preparing the room and your state of mind for crystal ball scrying, you need to also prepare the sphere itself. You need to prepare the sphere since you’re going to use it as a form of energy source. It needs to have some form of charge despite the function you’ll use it for. 

Before your first scrying session, charge the crystal ball by placing it under full moonlight. To get the best results, do this for several nights. You can also charge the ball by burying it into the Earth so that you can get the natural energy of the Earth. There are other simpler methods of charging the ball, such as rubbing holy water over it or passing it through smoke or incense.  

Cleaning the ball with warm soapy water helps to remove excess energy so that you can get clear readings. Placing the ball under direct sunlight will only drain its energy and weaken your readings. Charging the ball will allow you to channel the ball's energy to the right function.

You can store a fully charged crystal ball in a dark place so that it won’t get dusty. A piece of cloth or box can come in handy when storing and prevent anyone else from touching your crystal sphere. You don’t want another person’s energy to affect your crystal ball readings.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Knowing how to use your crystal ball is an important part of crystal ball gazing. Most people begin by touching the sphere so that they transfer their energy to it. This helps them to create a connection with the sphere before they start scrying. One can then place the ball on a stand or a piece of cloth so that they can start the crystal ball gazing.

To do this effectively, focus on the ball by simply staring at it. You can employ the same techniques used in meditation, such as taking deep breaths to achieve this. Once focused, you’ll be one with the crystal ball and you’ll start seeing the mist form. This shouldn’t startle you since the ball uses its energy to interact with your mind and spirit. 

Avoid keeping your eyes open for too long or blinking too much. It won’t take long after you start staring at the mist before you start seeing different shapes and colors.   

Accurately Interpreting the Crystal Sphere Images

Every image that comes from your crystal sphere is symbolic. You need to learn how to properly interpret all the images that you see from your crystal ball. Did you see a car, a red color, or a name? What does all this mean to you? Interpreting all these isn’t easy when you’re just a beginner in scrying.

Norah Craig studies Vastu and Feng Shui at a reputed university. She works as a part-time essay writer and provides essay papers in this line of study to other junior students. Based on her experience, she says, ‘’you need to be in the right state of mind and the perfect setting so that you can accurately interpret the images. Have a pen and pad with you so that you can write down all that you see and feel as you concentrate.’’

She adds, ‘’you can also record all the scents, feelings, and memories you experience. This will help in the overall interpretation of all that you experience when scrying.’’

Deciding Whether It’s All Real

The images that you’ll be seeing from crystal ball gazing are likely to drive you crazy if you can’t determine if they’re real. You shouldn’t be afraid of the images you’re seeing in the mist form since the subconscious mind works differently depending on the variety of elements. The images that you see in the crystal ball only mean that you have activated your subconscious mind.

Consider crystal ball scrying in the same sense as working with dreams. Whatever your subconscious mind doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do in real life. However, you should carefully note whatever you experience while in the mist form. 

This will allow you to properly interpret what the images mean in your real life, and you can act accordingly to effect or prevent them from happening. 

Scrying Requires Patience

Learning how to scry and interpret the images from the crystal ball require a lot of patience and practice. You should avoid being impatient and rushing the process since you may end up with the wrong interpretations after crystal ball gazing. Don’t give up if you don’t get any results in your initial attempts. 

As you start, it’ll be difficult and slow for you to see any images or experience any scents or feelings. However, with time, your ability will grow and you’ll be capable of seeing into the crystal ball. The more you become experienced, the better you’ll be able to see into your mind and spirit. You should give it time and have the faith and you’ll be able to use your crystal sphere effectively.  


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a crystal sphere will help you improve your psychic abilities. Using crystals spheres for scrying requires a lot of patience and practice. Practicing will make you better as you tap into your subconscious mind and unlock your fears. This guide will help you avoid the common mistakes made when using crystal spheres and help you work towards achieving a higher spiritual form.

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April 10, 2020

A good thing to state to a beginner when scrying is a bluish purple triangle comes out of your third eye when you connect w the crystal ball.

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Kristi Thrasher

March 09, 2020

This is so cool.

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patsy myers

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It was a lot of good information for someone that is just studying the ways. A friend has been telling me things that don’t sound anything like this. I’m glad that I have joined the group.
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