Top 9 Crystals To Protect You From Negative Energies

Top 9 Crystals To Protect You From Negative Energies


Crystals have many different strengths and purposes. Some are useful when meditating or for enlightenment, whilst others can provide spiritual protection and help protect you from negative energies. The key is to choose the crystal that most closely aligns with the type of protection you require.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a great all-round protection crystal and is considered to be one of the best crystals for repelling lower energies and frequencies. It transforms negative energy into positive and acts as a force-field around you, keeping bad thoughts and feelings away. It corresponds with the root chakra and is most effective when kept close to the lower half of the body as it also helps to ground your energy.


Although not a crystal, but instead fossilised wood, jet is known to protect against illness or violence. Jet protects against others’ negative thoughts by stopping their negative energy from entering your own energy system. “If you are having trouble sleeping, Jet is a great crystal to use,” says Lynda Lowe, a blogger at Big Assignments and Writing Services. “Place it under your pillow to encourage deeper sleep and more pleasant dreams.”


Hematite stones are best known for creating a protective environment, or reflective shield, around the wearer. Not only do they absorb lower frequency energies, but they reflect the negative energies back to the sender. These stones help to block out distractions and are especially useful for meditation. Hematite stones are high in iron, which make them one of the strongest grounding stones.

Black Onyx

This crystal protects its owner from powerful psychic attacks, black magic and harmful spirits. It is believed to capture negative influences and energies and then ground them. In this way it acts as a type of shield. Black onyx helps to increase confidence and enhance intuition, as well as resonating strongly with the third eye chakras. It is most effective when placed on or near the forehead during meditation to strengthen the third eye and protect it from attack.


Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones and is known to protect your energy field from negativity psychic attack. Its high vibration means that it is able to transform negative energy into positive. In the past, Amethyst was used to encourage peace of mind and inner strength.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz absorbs negative energy and energy fields, such as those caused by thoughts of resentment and anger, and then dispels them into the earth. It also helps to ease anxiety. This is a powerful protection stone and can be used to protect your material objects from theft and misuse. “Some people use Smokey Quartz in their office to prevent gossip or office drama. Simply place a few pieces of the crystal around your workspace to create an ideal environment for collaboration.” says Paul Cooper, a writer at Essay Services and OXEssays.


As well as healing, this crystal can cloak your aura, which helps protect you from psychic attacks and sorcery. It is fantastic for guarding you against other people’s

Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is a healing crystal and is a must have if you are experiencing any form of manipulation or bullying. It is associated with the third eye chakra and the throat, meaning it can give you the strength you need to speak honestly. Blue kyanite helps to clear your mind of worries, self-doubt and anxiety and enables you to become aware of what is being truly communicated.


If you need a crystal to protect you from unwanted attention, such as jealousy, obsessions or negative energy, then labradorite is the crystal to use. It will shield your aura from ill-wishes and psychic attacks and deflect these from you. Labradorite also helps to boost your confidence and gives you the ability to be yourself, without worrying that others are going to feed from your energy.

Many of the crystals that protect you from negative energies tend to be darker in colour. This is because black stones are considered to deflect negative energies more powerfully. Whichever stone you choose, you can wear it on your body, keep it around your home or workplace for added protection, or use it during meditation.

Aimee Laurence is a writer and a tutor at University Assignment Help and Eliteassignmenthelp websites. She writes extensively about crystals and their uses. Aimee is also a freelance editor at PhD Thesis Writing portal.

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christopher hale

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James marry
James marry

June 12, 2022

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Dinah Vanover

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