Essential Wiccan Supplies and Tools

Essential Wiccan Supplies and Tools


There are tools that are essential to every religion. And they are usually ceremonial tools that aid in a practitioner’s spiritual journey. Buddhists have their bells, while Christians have their cross. While not a requirement to each one practicing a religion, having the tools strengthen your dedication.

Witchcraft has a wide range of tools, and most are usually those that are placed on an altar, and each almost always represents an element.

What you decide to procure will really depend on your beliefs and what you are comfortable with. It is also important to know that your tools should be treated with respect and reverence since each represents a divine element.

Here are just some of the tools a witch could have at his or her person or altar:

The Athame

An Athame is a knife with a black handle that is used to cast a circle. It should never be used for cutting or to cause physical harm. The athame represents masculine energy and the element of fire.

The Chalice

The chalice witches use can come in a goblet styles, or simply any mug and cup, and is used to hold water or wine, which is to be drank after a ritual. The chalice on your altar also represents water.

The Wand

The wand that you use can come in any material that you feel a connection to: wood, bone, or metal. A witch’s wand is very personal, so much so that many Wiccans prefer to fashion themselves their own wand that suits their taste and represents their personality or character. Another option is to buy a Magic Wand. The wand is used to direct energies during a ritual, and represents the element of air.

The Pentacle

The pentacle is a very powerful and protective symbol in Wicca. On an altar, it can come in the form of either a pendant or a platen. The pentacle represents earth, and is used to cleanse yourself, your surroundings, and all other items on your altar.

You can also use a Pentacle necklace on your alter.

The Cauldron

Like the chalice, cauldrons represents the element of water. A cauldron can hold many things like water, herbs, incense, and candles, and is very useful when it comes to rituals involving burning and creating small fires. The preferred material for the pot-bellied cauldrons is cast iron. This is mainly due to the fact that cast iron cauldrons can take the heat and don't crack under high temperatures.

The Bells

Bells are used to mark passages in a ritual. Try taking a look at spells, you’ll notice most require you to ring a bell once or twice, and also ask you to ring your bell to mark the beginning and the end of a ritual.

The Candles

Candles represent the element of fire. A pair of candles also symbolizes the God and the Goddess.

The Bowls

Having a bowl on your altar represents the element of earth. A bowl can hold water, sea salt, and oils. It is important to have a bowl that can hold sea salt, since a small bowl of sea salt on your altar can cleanse your other tools for magick, and also any possession you have that you feel is holding negative energy.

Smudging bowls are essential for magickal working.


Incense symbolizes the element of air. It is used to clear energy, cleanse, and call in energies.

The Crystals

Each crystal holds a different energy. Crystals enhance the power of your spells, and keeping a variety of crystals on your altar will help you in various rituals.

The Broom

A broom is very symbolic of sweeping energy and keeping negative and unwanted energies out of your space.

There are so much more tools in Witchcraft that you can use to enhance your spiritual journey and your magickal workings. What I mentioned are just the essentials, and you can add to them as you progress in your journey.

Before you begin using each tool, it is important that you clear and cleanse it. And make sure that you treat each with reverence. Remember, when the God and Goddess created the world, they placed pieces of themselves in every little thing on this earth.


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What's your "must-have" Wiccan Tools. Let us know in the comments below...

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March 13, 2020

This list has been so helpful to me and my new wiccan friends. We are scouring everything about wicca and this list really goes in depth of why you need each item.

Hailee Degliantoni
Hailee Degliantoni

February 13, 2020

Good reading material for new witches


October 29, 2019

Looking for an Athama

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