The Phoenix: Reborn and Resurrected

The Phoenix: Reborn and Resurrected

The legend of the Phoenix dates back to the ancient times. It was believed that only one lives in the entire world at a time.

The Phoenix choose to live in exile above the highest of all the trees in the world, and its been that way for a thousand years. 

The people who have seen a Phoenix described it as fierce looking and beautiful at the same time. The hues of the Phoenix are of the most vibrant and breathtaking shades of purple and red.

The Phoenix sings the most beautiful song every morning to the Sun God...And on the day of its death, it sings its one final song and then engulfs itself in flames. Reducing her old majestic self into ashes and within the ashes, a young majestic phoenix arises.

This is why the Phoenix is the symbol of resurrection and immortality. No one knows exactly how the Phoenix deserved such blessings. But it is said to be the only creature that refused the offer of Eve to take a bite from the forbidden fruit.

The Phoenix In Your Life

The Phoenix is well known for imparting wisdom to a few chosen and worthy people. And even fewer people are offered the Phoenix’s tears, which is the single most powerful healing substance.

The Phoenix will only show itself to those with pure hearts and intentions...

The Phoenix comes to you as a totem, and seeing it is a sign that you are ready for life-changing transformation in your life,

When the Phoenix comes to you, you will be overcome by a feeling of warmth, and you will feel this intense desire to reach for the stars!

If the presence of the Phoenix is in your life, you will surely surprise yourself and see yourself trying on new things: adapting a new lifestyle, having a fresh and new mindset. You will notice things becoming fresher, clearer, crisper and more vibrant like never before!

Feel Its Presence...

If you desire to connect with the Phoenix and are looking for a way to welcome it into your life, start by being close with nature and being in touch with your spirituality. You have to be more receptive and sensitive to feel the presence of the Phoenix.

If the Phoenix pays you a visit, consider yourself lucky and know that you are one of the chosen few. The Phoenix will give you guidance, wisdom, healing, will show you a way out of despair and depression, and bring forth imminent change that is coming to your life, a change so great and positive that you will only have so much gratitude in your heart for this majestic bird..

The Phoenix is there to make you realize that you both are eternal and have the capacity to be reborn!!

So..are you ready to welcome the Phoenix into your life?

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