How to get started with rune stones (a guide)

How to get started with rune stones (a guide)


A while back we got some really beautiful rune stones in our shop.

So, last week I took a bag and started doing some very basic spreads.

Now, I have to admit that divination with runes has never been my one of my strong suits. I have always been more of a tarot cards guy myself...

...but, this has TOTALLY changed my mind about how I feel about rune stones!

So, if you too feel a little intimidated by rune stones, I want to help you out.

And it's actually very easy to cast with runes and I have A VERY SIMPLE spread for you, that you can start to use right away...

It's gonna be a little tricky to explain this, but I'll try to do my very best.

The 5 Stone Rune Casting Method

Before doing anything else, you ask a question. Not just a yes or no question, but something a little more... uhm... tricky...

For example: "What will happen in the next 1-3 months if I do so and so" or "how will my relationship with mr. X turn out if we do this and that"...

You need 5 stones (obviously) and you need to place them kinda in a cross. Like this:

You should pick the stones at random from your Rune Stones bag and place them on the table. For now, just place them all heads up, so you can see the runes (later, when you get better, you can play around with reversed runes as well).

THE ORDER IS SUPER IMPORTANT! So don't just put them randomly.

a close up of a toy

Start with one stone in the middle and then one to the left, then one below etc. (just like the image above)

Stone #1 represents your current problem or your state of mind. If the stone is negative or if it doesn’t seem to make any sense, it's probably because you are confused right now (e.g. you mind isn't focused) or because you are VERY troubled... Either way, go lay down or meditate for 5 minutes and try again (with a NEW spread).

Now, stone #2 represents the past. What you have gone through and what have brought you to your current situation.

Stone #3 will tell you what you need to deal with. Sometimes it requires help from people or your gods. If it’s a negative stone, it represents an obstacle you need to overcome.

Runestone #4 basically tells you about the stuff you just have to accept. Sometimes there are things you cannot change. Deal with it! At least for now...

And finally, stone number #5  shows you what to expect when you have dealt with the things from stone 3 and accepted the things from stone #4...

Okay so... Keep in mind that this is a forecast. A glimpse of-of the future. As it CAN be. Not necessarily how it WILL be. It all depends on your actions if you follow the advice from the stones.


...this stuff takes a long time to master, so give it time.

And if you think this is cool, you should probably go read some more about it. I am by no means an expert. I just wanted to share my experience with you :)

If you don't have runestones already or a looking for a nice set, you should definitely take a look at these:

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They are made from red Jasper stone, which is incredibly nice to work with. They are ultra smooth and feels good in the hand.

You get a total of 25 rune stones. 24 Elder Futhark Runes and 1 blank. Some people like to use the blank one as a destiny rune. I like to just keep it around in case I throw one of the other stones away...

The stones also come in this really nice bag, so you can take them with you or simply keep them safe and sound.

Another cool thing is that each set is unique. Because the runes are on REAL stones, no 2 sets are alike. Pretty cool eh...

Oh... I almost forgot. I have made a super simple PDF with an overview of the stone meanings It uses the elder futhark runic alphabet. The same one as the stones in our shop. I use it myself all the time, but I thought that maybe you could use it as well :)

Click here to download the Rune Stones Cheat Sheet!

If you liked what you just read, the tell me. I really need the comments to know what I did right and what I can do better next time. Let me know by leaving a comment below :)



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