Wiccan Supplies: Magickal Inks

Wiccan Supplies: Magickal Inks


The most powerful type of magickal inks are blood inks. They are so powerful that they have the ability to transform something such as a simple spell to something a spell that is magnified in its power! Blood inks are magnificent and every witch should have one for different intentions.

Blood inks have the power to focus your intentions and work with whatever your heart desires. Using the right magick ink for the right purpose will give strength to your spells and magickal workings.

Whether you make your own magickal ink or not, having it in your arsenal will definitely take your magick to the next level!

Try writing with magickal ink in a piece of parchment paper and watch as your writing takes on an ancient and otherworldly air!

Dragon’s Blood Magickal Ink

Dragon’s blood ink is a very powerful magick ink imbued with the protective powers of dragons. Although dragon’s blood ink nowadays is not the same thing as in the ancient times, the dragon’s blood ink now that’s made from a red-pigmented resin harvested from assorted plants still hold their own power.

Dragon’s blood is used in magnifying the strength of spells and also any spells concerning confidence, authority, and power. Another plus side is that it can also be used to strengthen potions and concoctions.

Mix it with any other incense or herbal concoction to increase the potion’s potency. And use it for healing, banishing, and protection.  

Dove’s Blood Magickal Ink

Dove’s blood ink is best used for writing out the most lighthearted and best-intentioned spells you can think of and for application in fertility and prosperity rituals.

This magickal ink is best used for writing out love spells, wishes, and expressing gratitude and thanks. Dove’s blood ink can also be used in sealing a pact or a promise and for inscribing on talismans and amulets.

Bat’s Blood Magickal Ink

Bat’s blood ink is one magickal ink that you should use carefully. This ink has been used to write spells of misfortune, havoc, and putting hexes. But being the good witch that you are, you can use bat’s blood ink to protect yourself from hexes. Plus you can use it to undo jinxes that have found their way into your life.

Careful with using bat’s blood ink for negative purposes since that can easily backfire.

These three most popular magickal inks are available in many Wiccan supplies stores. I think it is very important for a witch to have these in his or her arsenal. For every witch should have the transcendent experience of writing down her spells and thoughts on a piece of parchment paper using a feather quill pen that’s been dipped in magickal ink.

Have you tried writing using magickal ink? What is your favorite? Please share it with us in the comments section below! :)

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Jamie bogdanoff
Jamie bogdanoff

July 02, 2020

Well i have tried human blood and it back fired i think i was using it for the wrong reasons. Lol


April 15, 2020

Thanks so much for all the useful information. Love all your products. Got my elder broom pendant and I love it. Blessed Be )0(

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