10 Things Every Witch Needs

10 Things Every Witch Needs


There are things that every witch needs as beginner witch supplies, like for example, basic witch herbs.

There are witch supplies that are for your altar, and then there are the things that you carry with you outside your home that don’t need to take residence on your altar.

Magickal tools and supplies abound -- the only question is what things can function as a way to express yourself, to protect yourself, and to be with you the rest of the day, when you are more vulnerable to stress and bad moods.

Here’s a list of witches' tools that are definitely not your regular magickal tools and supplies.

  • Wiccan mug

  • A Wiccan mug, depending on the design, can help you start your day right. And if sometime during the course of the day, something dampened your mood, then you can reach for your Wiccan mug and you can trust that with all its vibrations, it will have an effect on you that’s subtle but powerful -- changing your mood from negative to positive.

    Wiccan mugs are not ordinary mugs since they bear Wiccan symbols, and Wiccan symbols are powerful enough to banish negativity, harmonize, balance, calm, and relax you.

  • Salt lamp

  • Salt lamps are designed to cleanse your mind, body, and heart and bring about healing energy. This is why salt lamps are recommended for people who are suffering from chronic illness and chronic pain. It helps the body regenerate itself helps you and helps you gain considerable insight as to the root cause of your specific condition.

  • Cool Wiccan sticker

  • Sticks are fun. They are cool. They are a form of expression. But with a Wiccan sticker, you no get the added advantage of protection and conversion of negative energy to positive energy.

    Stickers are fun… you can slap them anywhere. On your laptop, the back of your iPad or your iPhone. What sets Wiccan stickers apart is the protective powers they have. Stickers of Wiccan symbols and sayings have their own vibration that converts negative to positive.

    You cannot say the same about other stickers out in the market right now. Chances are, they are simply for decorative purposes.

    Stick Wiccan stickers anywhere you want to keep safe from evil and negativity. It's a fun way to keep negativity away without having to cast a spell every time.

  • Windchime

  • You have probably noticed the presence of wind chimes in places where people conduct business. If you've ever been to a Chinese store, then you know what I mean.

    Wind Chimes are placed by doors and windows and depending on their symbol, they will attract wealth and success and keep away negative energy. The sound of bells actually scares away evil spirits, which is why an altar bell is a useful tool when it comes to rituals and spell casting. Hang it by your door or window and notice positive vibrations in your office or home.

  • Wiccan shirt

  • You cannot call yourself a true Wiccan unless you own at least one Wiccan shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, or tank. A serious witch has an item of Wiccan clothing for every season even.

    If a mug that bears a Wiccan symbol can have such a tremendous effect on your mood, imagine the effect a Wiccan shirt can have.

  • Wiccan phone case

  • If you want a non-generic phone case, then a Wiccan phone case will satisfy your desire to have a unique phone casing. Depending on the symbol, whether it’s funny or not, a Wiccan phone case is not something you’ll find at your local mall or on the sidewalk.

  • Fleece Blanket

  • No matter how warm the days are, nights tend to be on the cooler side. Instead of rolling around in thin blankets or too thick blankets, a fleece blanket strikes a delicate balance between not too thick that it’s too warm and not too thin that you’re going to need more than one, allowing you to feel just the right temperature.

    Pillow case

    We have that one favorite pillow that we can’t ever let go of. You rest your head upon it on your happiest days and on your saddest days.

    Our Wiccan pillowcase allows you to protect your favorite pillow making sure it lasts a long time. Not only will it protect your pillow, but also you. With many designs to choose from, you can switch it up while the other one is in the wash.

  • Pouch

  • Without a pouch to place your belongings, your things would be all over the place and it’s just harder to transport them too. If you’re a student, an artist, or if you work in an office, you need a pouch.

    Our designs allow you to express yourself. Love dragons? Need the Wiccan Rede? There’s a pouch that will suit your taste and your needs.

    These are not the most common witches’ supplies since by now I am sure you have your own Book of Shadows, magickal herbs, amulets, wands, etc…

    If you want to take your magick to another level, this is a list of witches’ tools for you.

    For a beginner Wiccan tools and supplies list, CLICK HERE.

    2 Responses

    Kristy Sheley
    Kristy Sheley

    May 13, 2023

    do you have other options of the new beginnings shirt besides the snake?

    Terry Hughes
    Terry Hughes

    April 22, 2020

    I had a Wiccan Mug…, but the lettering washed off of it. “Do as You will, but Harm no one” Wiccan Rede. I wrote and told you about it but nothing was ever done to remedy the problem. I am not in the habit of lying about this or any thing else for that matterr. I pride myself on being very honest. I have several other Wiccan mugs and they are not cheap. as a matter of fact, quite expensive for a coffee mug. I also have ordered quite a few 4x tshirts which were also quite expensive. In case you haven’t noticed, I stopped ordering products because of your lack of concern for your loyal customers. And I was a very good customer.

    Karen Kasinskas is a very good friend of mine and my Wiccan Sister. So I am sure if you ask her she will tell you I am not in the habit of lying.

    Sincerely, Terry Hughes Blessed Be!

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