Do you feel like you’re stuck while doing some creative work? Whether you’re trying to do a painting, write a book, build some software, explore new modes of thought, or just practice more self-care, creativity is paramount. And yet creativity is usually quite fickle, coming and going as it wishes, which is often a bottleneck in our creative pursuits.

So how do you get your mind to go into creative mode and be a little playful for once? Well, here are 10 crystals that can help with that. They should bring out your innate creativity and help your native talents flourish while helping you acquire new ones.

Tangerine Quartz

    Tangerine Quartz, the stone of strength and perseverance, activates your sacral chakra, which is the chakra of creativity. It’s a great stone for those who are skeptical about their own capabilities, particularly essay writers in my experience. It inspires and encourages the wearer to be curious and playful, which automatically makes everything that much more interesting. It’s best to have this stone with you in the morning when you mind is fresh, so it can trigger new ideas in you.


      Carnelian is a bonafide stone of creativity. It supports the sacral chakra, and even heals it with its strong energy. This stone encourages self-expression, which is at the heart of all creativity. As such, it is very useful for awakening talents and stimulating creativity in the owner. If you lack passion and energy in your pursuits, then this stone should help. It can help you battle procrastination and indecision, making you more courageous. It’s particularly useful when worn as a bracelet, which you carry around with you all day for inspiration.

      Lapis Lazuli

        Lapis Lazuli balances your throat chakra and opens the third eye. It is the stone of friendship and encourages you to take full control of your life, which can help you to pursue your creative interests. It is also the stone of truth, which encourages honesty. In fact, I have used it a lot when writing and it works like a charm. As an essay writer, I wrote some of my best essays while carrying this stone. I’m sure it can do the same for you.

        This stone has an uncanny ability to sharpen the mind, which makes it great for studying and learning new things. If you have an assignment or essay that you’ve been putting off because it is too difficult, then this stone should help you handle it.

        This stone is an excellent one for writers, students, executives, and other professionals who constantly need to be at the top of their mental game.

        Herkimer Diamond

          The Herkimer Diamond is the stone of attunement. Named after Herkimer County in New York, where it was discovered, it resembles a diamond and sparkles with just as much fervor. This stone will clear out any blockages in your and attune you to whatever circumstances you might be in, awakening your native talents and letting your creativity shine through.

          The Herkimer Diamond is particularly known for its promotion of imaginative thought and productivity, especially when you’re at work. It also brings clarity to any situation and creates balance. It’s good practice to wear this stone on your earrings so it’s close to your brain or close to your heart, such as in a pendant.

          Tiger’s Eye

            The Tiger’s Eye is the mind stone, and as such is a grounding stone that works with the energies of both earth and Sun to release all your fears and give you razor sharp focus. The Tiger’s Eye encourages you to go out and take risks, which in turn is a great way to explore your talents and the creativity behind you.

            Essentially, the Tiger’s Eye gives you the fierce bravery of the predator from which it borrows its name. It’s great to wear if you’re going for an important negotiation or want to take leap of faith in something. It’s good to place it by your bed when you sleep or wear it on your right arm when you go out.


              Citrine is the lucky merchant’s stone, and as such is highly creative. It has the power of the sun and will shine with support on all of your creative pursuits. Citrine allows enthusiasm and ideas to flow with ease, both of which are crucial to the functioning of creativity, and making it an excellent option for paper writers. It also improves both motivation and stamina when working on a project.

              This stone is quite rare, and is often worn on jewelry, or even carried around in the pocket. If you’re thinking of starting a new creative endeavor or even a business, this is a good stone to have by your side.

              Blue Apatite

                This is the inspiration and manifestation stone. It is quite beautiful and promotes ambition, helping your pursue your dreams wherever they may lead. It’s an excellent choice for business people as well as those on academic pursuits. If you’re looking for some motivation to check out those college paper.org reviews and pick out a good one for your thesis, then have this stone near you. It’s great for promoting time management, stimulating the intellect, and, of course, enhancing creativity. You can meditate with it or place it under your pillow to encourage creative dreams.


                  Aragonite is the conservationist’s stone, and was first discovered in Aragon, Spain. It harnesses the power of the heart to inspire healing, recycling, and conservation, but it is also pretty effective at quelling frustrations and letting creative juices flow.

                  Aragonite is a great stone to help you deal with stress and can boost your concentration levels. It’s also good for releasing anger, frustration, and other negative emotions. And while we’re on the topic of negative emotions, if your assignments are causing a lot of negative emotions, considering handing them over to custom essay writing services. They can handle them fast and professionally, allowing you to focus on what matters. It’s great to meditate with and to have around the bedroom.

                  Orange Calcite

                    Orange Calcite is yet another creativity stone with cleansing powers. It is a great stone to bring inspiration for your project, whether it is business or something artsy. It amplifies your potential and helps you release your native talents, motivating you with fresh ideas. It’s great to carry around.

                    Golden Obsidian

                      Gold Obsidian boosts your manifestation abilities and allows you to be successful at whatever you do. If you have willpower issues, where you can’t figure out your true motivations or are having trouble staying the course, carrying this stone around with you will clear your mind and allow you to pursue your goals single-mindedly.


                      With the stones above, you should be able to see your creativity improve dramatically, along with lots of other things the stones promote. Whether you’re trying to start a business, embark on an art project, or just finish your assignment, you can never go wrong with a gemstone.

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