10 Crystals Every Student Needs In Their Life

10 Crystals Every Student Needs In Their Life


College is a challenging time in every person’s life. There’s exams, term papers, extracurricular activities, and not to mention living away from family.

If you’re currently in college, you know that any help is appreciated. But did you know that crystals can be a valuable part of your college career? Crystals bring about a certain kind of calm and balance to your college life. Along with a steady support system, these crystals will help you thrive in campus.

1. Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is a stunning amber-toned crystal associated with confidence and self-worth. By engaging with your solar plexus chakra, honey calcite will give you the self-belief that’s essential to success in your studies. A confidence boost from honey calcite will let you face up to the many obstacles encountered at college, from long essays to social events, letting you thrive in a college environment.

2. Moss Agate

Of the many agate stones, moss agate is the most influential. As well as possessing strong healing energy, moss agate also unleashes your mind’s creative aspects. It enables you to think outside the box and thrive in new, challenging, and intellectual environments. Combine the healing power of moss agate with its creative potentiality by placing a tumbled stone in your flask or water bottle, providing a purified elixir to ward off those common college ailments.

3. Rose Quartz

With its elegant pinkish hue, rose quartz is a beautiful crystal to have on hand. This stone is intimately connected with compassion and love, which can work in important ways for you. When you’re encountering the new, wide world of college, engaging with your peers with openness and compassion will lead you into new circles. What’s more, the capacity for self-love which rose quartz encourages will help you to grow into college life.

4. Amazonite

Amazonite is the “stone of truth” and truth-telling is a hugely important characteristic for college students to cultivate. Not only does amazonite, with its movement in the heart and throat chakras, encourage strength and leadership through communication, it can also empower us to be honest with ourselves, building harmony and peace as we navigate new experiences.

5. Sodalite

As I mentioned before, college is an intellectually challenging time. Many students find the transition from high school into college’s self-directed learning environment a shock to the system. Inspire your intellectual energies by adding sodalite to your collection. This stone will sharpen your focus like a knife, enabling increased concentration and capacity for understanding the complex conceptual challenges of your college classes.

6. Malachite

Malachite interacts with the heart and throat chakras as well as stimulates the third eye - all characteristics which have led it to become known as “the stone of transformation.” Your college years are a transformative time as you blossom into adulthood, discovering the person you are meant to be. Malachite will guide you on this journey.

7. Lapis Lazuli

To support college students on their journey of self-discovery, lapis lazuli’s mystical blue tones can be an important crystal. This stone interacts with throat chakras and the third eye and can bolster the transformative effect of malachite by encouraging self-knowledge and a deep, personal awareness of your commitments and values.

8. Amethyst

College can be a stressful time and, whilst the intellectual challenges and personal transformation are rewarding, it can also be a lot to take in. Protect yourself from the rough seas of college with the calming influence of amethyst. Amethyst in your pocket or pendant will encourage peace and calm in times of turbulence.

9. Fluorite

“The Genius Stone'' offers natural benefits to college students who are working in new and unfamiliar environments, with intellectual challenges thrown at them from every direction. Whether it’s exam season or your paper deadlines are approaching, keeping fluorite close will work with all of your chakras equally to enable clarity of mind and intellectual insight.

10. Clear Quartz

Perhaps the most important crystal for college students, clear quartz is a fundamental stone which interacts with all of your seven chakras to strengthen self-awareness and understanding. These effects will enable you to act with clear intentions, cutting a clean path through your difficult college years.

Crystal Clear

College is an exciting time, but simultaneously an intimidating one for those who are still growing and learning about themselves. These crystals will open your heart and mind to new experiences, whilst strengthening your self-awareness and the resolve you have to pursue a life consistent with your faith and values. Good luck on your journey!


Katherine Rundell is a spiritual writer at Best Essay Services. She is a counsellor and spiritual advisor and has supported college students through spiritual and psychological channels for two decades.

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January 15, 2021

I’m a new witch and these guides have helpr on my path.. blessed be💯💜🙏


January 15, 2021

I’m a new witch and these guides have helpr on my path.. blessed be💯💜🙏

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