Three Valuable Steps to Begin Communicating with Crystals

Three Valuable Steps to Begin Communicating with Crystals


The practice of crystal sensing dates back hundreds of years and explores the many powers of healing energy as well as ridding the toxicity of negative energy. The most commonly understood aspect of sensing crystal practice is that every person will have a unique interaction. Many find the beginning processes to be the most challenging period due to the patience and trust required in communicating with the frequency that energy crystals communicate through.

Some find themselves to be extremely sensitive to the energies early on, while others spend months attempting to “feel” anything. The most basic and applicable tips to getting started with sensing crystal energies are through meditation/chakra activation, avoiding complex powers, and continual practice.


As many may already realize, an essential factor playing into your ability to communicate with crystal energy is the knowledge that the human body is capable of sensing something that even the most advanced technology cannot. With that comes the responsibility of learning how to create an openness for the energy to flow. This is unlike any other process done by a machine and relies on your ability to navigate the low and intimate frequencies that surround us continuously.

When you begin your meditation practices, there are two critical steps that you may consider exploring when it comes to preparing yourself through meditation:

Navigating and activating at least the first three chakras. When it comes to chakra navigation concerning crystal energy, the most crucial of the first three is the sacral. The Sacral Chakra is where you experience energies like desire, spontaneity, and sexuality. “The Sacral Chakra can be awoken in many ways. Still, some common activities are, recognizing habits that fill you with joy, allowing yourself to feel a full range of emotions, interpretative and freeform dancing, and the beauty of permitting yourself to say “no” to negative energy,” explains Sarah Vills, a writer at 1day2write and Nextcoursework.

Recognizing your energy field and the flow of energy. Once you have awoken these chakras, you are now in a place to create space in the mind for energy recognition and self-discovery. This can be done at all times in any location. Start to observe your environment and allow yourself to tune in to the energies surrounding you.

In a more private and intentional meditation, you can begin to explore your own personal energy. A simple way to start this is by initiating a meditation practice of clear mind. An excellent example of this could be done by merely rubbing your hands together. After you have activated the sensory awareness in your hands, slowly begin to pull them apart and place them back together. Repeat this and explore the sensation and energy you may be feeling. Study this and take note; it will be valuable knowledge for you as you do the same with a crystal later on. The most beneficial awareness to hold tight during this practice is that you must be open to your past and future self. This is a practice that requires you to be here and now as a whole.

A Simple Start

“Many people doubt their ability to awaken the energy flow necessary for crystal sensing, but the truth is, everyone is capable, but only those who are willing to see the process through in its entirety will ever be able to communicate with the energy honestly,” says Danielle Ruby, a spiritual blogger at Write My X and Britstudent.

When beginning this process, it is wise to start with a very simple crystal such as Rose Quartz or Meteorite. You will want to remove any jewelry that may affect your practice. For example, anything with diamonds should be removed. Now you will want to tune your energy into the stone. Many imagine an energetic cone that starts at the heart and reaches to the stone. This would be the time to rub the stone between your palms as you repeat your initial meditation practice. Take note of any different sensations or feelings. This can be in the form of vibrations, temperature change, tingling, and many other forms. Do not get frustrated as this takes patience and trust to achieve.

The Value of Practice

Now that you have made it to this point, you must leave all expectations behind. When it comes to crystal energy, every single experience will differ. You must release negative energies and allow the positive energy to flow through you; however it may. It takes much practice to communicate with frequencies in addition to the most basic five senses. The quickest way to deter your practice is to allow yourself to become discouraged by the amount of time it takes or pre-conceived expectations.

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July 05, 2020

while I was talking with a friend, her quartz crystal was on my lap.
It was an emotional discussion about ex boyfriends etc
It was time for me to go, I stood up and felt a tingle throughout my body. As I handed her the crystal, I saw an Orange/pink translucent (think of Christmas ribbon candy) leave from my mid section into the crystal. Was it communicating with me? Do other people see this?

Tran van loc
Tran van loc

April 30, 2020


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