Yule Preparation: Altar Decorations and Ritual Ideas

Yule Preparation: Altar Decorations and Ritual Ideas

Yule is just around the corner, which also means the Sun is also around the corner and on its way back! It is time to share your excitement with your fellow Wiccans, because you know how special this Sabbat is.

Of course, no Sabbat is complete without any ritual. Wiccans in the Northern Hemisphere will be performing rituals and casting spells on the longest night of the year. What do you have planned? 

If you still haven’t got any ritual prepared. Don’t fret because 1.) you have time and 2.) we are here to help you. You can take ideas from how we prepare and celebrate Yule here at the Moonlight Shop.

Yule Altar Decorations

Your altar should be decorated in the colors of the season. You know what this means: reds, whites, greens, blues, silvers, whites, and yellows. Each color has a correspondence so if you are hoping for more passion in your life, decorate with a lot of reds. If you need enlightenment, more yellows or golds will do the trick. If you are seeking purification and starting over, then have a lot of whites on your altar or even around your home.

Also cover your altar with a cool-colored cloth. Be sensitive to shapes and have symbols that represent the sun like gold discs and yellow pillar candles. If you seek fertility, place reindeer’s antlers on your altar. And then there are the herbs and plants of the season like evergreens, mistletoes, sprigs of holly, pine cones, and Yule logs. Hanging a sprig of holly or a mistletoe in your home will bring good luck and protection.

Yule Prayers

Yule is a time of reflection and prayer. In your prayers, you should be grateful to the Earth and be thankful to the Goddess for the coming of the sun.

Just because it is cold around, it doesn't mean there's nothing going on down there in the soil. Use this as a time to reflect on what lies dormant in your own life right now and think of what you want to bloom in just a few months. And you do this through prayer.

Here’s a prayer you can say on the eve of Yule:

“This time of year,
It’s cold and dark,
the earth lies dormant,
awaiting the return of the sun,
The sun brings with it life.
Underneath the frozen surface,
A heartbeat waits,
Waiting for the right moment,
Waiting for spring.”

When the sun rises on Yule, the longest night of the year has passed, and the days are only going to get longer. Facing the sun, you may welcome it with a prayer:

“Sun God, we greet you,
You are born on this happy morning.
We are grateful to you who brings the day and gives us light.
With your birth we welcome rebirth in our hearts.”


Yule Ritual

Here’s one Yule ritual you should perform before the rising of the sun, and this is to welcome the sun god. You will need: a cauldron and a red candle.

What you should do:

1. Stand before the cauldron on your altar and say:

“I worry not,
with the world fast asleep.
I worry not,
with the icy winds.
I worry not,
with snow falling hard and deep.
I worry not,
For this too shall pass.”
2. Light the red candle and say:


“Great god of the sun,
I welcome Your return.
May you shine brightly upon the Earth,
With your bright light,
And may you scatter seeds and fertilize the land.
All blessings upon You,
Reborn one of the sun!”


3. You may leave your candle burning until it dies out.

You can change the words and personalize them as much as you can. There really is no right or wrong way to pray. As long as your intentions are clear, the sun god and the goddess will be receptive to your prayers and offerings.

May you have a blessed Yule!

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