Would You Qualify As A Witch in 1692?

Would You Qualify As A Witch in 1692?

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If you were alive in 1692 when Witchcraft trials were in full swing, find out whether you being as you are now would be charged with witchcraft based on their checklist. I mean, yes you are a witch, but for entirely different reasons! Being charged with witchcraft back then was a terrible thing because a few lived to tell the tale and maintain their sanity. And most of those convicted ended up being hanged, with one being pressed to death.

The checklist is a ridiculous one and everyone was in an accusation frenzy pinpointing who was a witch. If any of these applies to you, then be thankful you were not in Salem in 1692.

Are you female?

Being a female back then made you a prime candidate for suspicion as being one of the devils many brides. Just by being a female back then, associated you with witchcraft because the general belief was that being a woman made you more susceptible to sinning. Remember Adam and Eve’s story? Yeah, it probably stemmed from that.

Are you financially dependent on someone?

The penniless and homeless who relied on the kindness of others to survive were suspected of being witches. All because of annoyed members of the community who report them to the authorities.

Are you financially independent?

See how tricky this checklist is? You’re a witch if you’re penniless and you’re still a witch if you’re rich. Your jar of newt is probably what’s helping you survive independently without a man.


Do you like to meet with your girl friends?

A meeting of women without a male chaperone is seen as a coven meeting to worship the Devil.

Do you have an argument with any of your girl friends?

If you have an argument with any of your girl friends, that very same girl friend might report you to the authorities as being a witch. This extends to arguments with male friends. At this time, anyone can suspect you of being a witch just for any ridiculous reason under the sun!

Do you come from a single parent household?

If you so much as come from a mother who married later in life, has a mental condition, a widow, or you come from a single parent household then you are more likely to be accused of being a witch. There was a very strong class-system back in the 17th century.

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Are you married and without children?

A marriage without children means fewer people there are to speak up for you if you are suspected.

A lesson you can take from this is that other than being very lucky to be a living witch of today, is that there are many lives lost due to the dangers of ignorance.

This is why we here at the Moonlight Family are dedicated to spreading knowledge and positive messages about Wicca, the nature-loving and spiritual religion with a strong balancing and inspiring force. Blessed be!

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December 07, 2019

Been following for some time…. Not interested in " dabbling or pretending"
I know my power and have kept private I’ve watched my intent personally unfold in ppl. Not what I’ve meant … I dont really feel comfortable being open and wearing it out there ,… We were killed once upon a Time and history repeats itself so…. I’ll stay quiet .,… For now .,

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