Why Wiccans live happier, healthier, and longer

Why Wiccans Live Happier, Healthier, and Longer


When you decided to follow the Wiccan path, you probably didn't say to yourself, "I'm doing this so I can be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy!"

You must have had another main reason for becoming a Wiccan. But good news — practicing witchcraft is a huge health benefit in itself!

Let's discover 6 reasons why being Wiccan makes you live happier, healthier, and even longer.


Grounding & Centering

Grounding is the act of linking your personal energy with the Earth's, while centering is locating the source of your personal energy, and then harnessing that power. What is unique about Wicca is the belief that nature has infinite energy that you can tap and absorb. The Earth generously gives. It is like a fountain of power from which you can drink and become strong.

Conversely, grounding can also mean releasing an excess of energy from your body. Whenever you're feeling restless due to anxiety or anger, take a moment to connect to the ground on which you are walking. By doing this, the Earth will absorb this excess energy and will rejuvenate you with a fresh supply of positive, radiant power.


Practicing Meditation

A lot of Wiccans practice meditation. Meditation has been proven to lower stress and mitigate anxiety and depression. It has also helped people with high blood pressure and digestive problems. You can do daily meditation to achieve these health benefits, or you may use it as a way to connect with the gods or goddesses.

There are two basic types of meditation: concentration and mindfulness. The first one entails you to focus on a single thing, like an image, thought, a piece of music/mantra, or even your own breathing. The second type will let you become fully aware of all your thoughts by becoming detached and just observing them as they pass.

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Being outdoors frequently

That Wicca is fundamentally rooted in nature entails Wiccans to go outside more. Whether it's doing formal rituals or taking solitary walks in the woods to unwind and reflect, the effect of these activities creates a positive impact on your overall well-being. There's just something about that ray of sunshine, that fresh air, and that revitalizing feeling of physical activity that stirs up the body and soul!

Take some time off to do activities that allow you to get in touch with nature, as well as get your body moving. There's a whole array to choose from: hiking, swimming, jogging, riding a bike — you name it! Whatever you do, you'll know it's worth it once you fill your lungs with fresh air and soak in the radiant sun rays. It will help you live in the present and teach you to appreciate the simpler things in life. Exploring the outdoors creates a wonderful, almost sublime connection between your mind, body, and nature!

Going au naturel

By au naturel, I don't mean walking around the house naked (although this has its benefits, too). What I'm actually getting at is that we Wiccans benefit a lot from choosing fresh, organic, and natural over manufactured alternatives.

For example, as part of having healthy food choices, you might cook at home instead of ordering fast food. Or, instead of buying over-the-counter medicine for your child's cold, you opt for kitchen magick and whip up a heart cup of herbal tea. This doesn't only save you money, but it will be good for your body in the long run. You know what they say, after all: "A cup of witch's brew a day keeps the doctor away!"

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Lots of singing and dancing

Thank goodness for that Maypole! Many Wiccan festivities, like Beltane or Litha, involve song and dance. Experts estimate that in order for you to be in good shape and maintain your good health, you must sweat it out at least 20 minutes a day. Dancing is one of the best forms of cardio exercise - something that you can do on the next joyous Sabbat (or, you know, as part of your morning routine every day). Aside from the physical gains, dancing also contributes to a sharper memory, sharper reflexes, emotional healing, and a sunnier disposition! Call on to your dancing deities and be on your way to fitness and well-being!

Wearing a source of protection

Many Wiccans are witnesses to the sheer power of their amulet. The amulet, which ancient Egyptian warriors wore during wartime, can be a necklace, bracelet, ring, or anything that you can wear and has been cleansed, blessed, and charged. Having one gives you the affirmation that you have the power to carry on your day!

When choosing your modern-day amulet, you must first know which type of jewelry you'll work best with. This depends on how visible you want your amulet to be, or whether you're comfortable enough when wearing it.

Once you've decided on your amulet type, you should make sure that its source is dependable and credible. You wouldn't want to be getting an amulet that breaks easily, because it's made from low-quality materials. Or one that arrives at your doorstep already charged with negative energy, because the person who shipped it might have been having a bad day and transferred those bad vibes to your amulet.

Here at The Moonlight Shop, you can rest assured that our jewelry is made from materials of superb quality. The material is hypoallergenic, stainless, and isn't prone to tarnishing easily. Of course, we make sure that the folks who do the packing and shipping only sprinkle in positive energy on your package.

If you don't have your personal amulet yet - something you wear to always remind you of your power - then it's high time you get one. You'll be amazed at the limits that you'll be pushing once you realize that you still have so much potential to unleash.

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sarah beeching
sarah beeching

July 27, 2020

a beautiful article, well written and a great reminder, thank you for this timely reading, Blessed Be

Charlotte Mceachern
Charlotte Mceachern

July 26, 2020

Loved the article because it speaks to me. I can’t wait for the next article.


July 25, 2020

Thank you for the article. I loved reading it; it is full of good information. Bless’ed Be.

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