Which Celtic Tree Are You?

Which Celtic Tree Are You?


For the ancient Celts, trees were sacred. For the Celts, spirits lived in the trees. These spirits were believed to have held knowledge and wisdom. They also symbolized the connection among all living things on Earth.

Celtic culture had high-ranking religious leaders called Druids. They were priests, teachers, judges, and philosophers. For the Druids, each tree had its own unique qualities.

Over time, they assigned the qualities of each tree to a certain time of the year. This practice helped the Druids look into people and their personalities. Thus, Celtic Tree Astrology was born.

How does Celtic Tree Astrology work?

The Druids created Celtic Tree Astrology by looking at the phases of the moon. They divided the year into 13 months, with every month having 28 days. (December 23 is Nameless Day, since it is an extra day in the Druids' calendar.) The Druids then assigned a tree for each month, with its corresponding qualities.

What's your Celtic zodiac sign? You can identify yours by looking at which period your birthday falls under.

Birch Tree (December 24 - January 20) - THE ACHIEVER

Strong, smart, and driven. If you were to describe people born under the Birch sign, these would be the perfect words. And if you're one of them, congrats! You find it easy to motivate yourself to achieve your goals. You are also effortless in motivating others. These traits make you a natural leader.

Rowan Tree (January 21 - February 17) - THE THINKER

People born under Rowan are the cool types. As in, they may appear quiet and calm, but inside their minds is a colorful world of ideas. If you are one of them, you're a born philosopher. People come to you because of your deep insight and interesting perspective.

Ash Tree (February 18 - March 17) - THE ENCHANTER

Are you born under Ash? If so, then you're a free spirit! People born under this sign are artistic, intuitive, and introverted. Your view of the world as your canvas draws people to you. They like your enchanting and interesting personality. You really don't care about what people think of you though, as you're too immersed in your world of wonder.

Alder Tree (March 18 - April 14) - THE TRAILBLAZER

When it comes to charisma and confidence, no one beats people born under Alder. They are friendly, outspoken, and passionate. They attract people to them without effort, and often find themselves in the center of a crowd. They also place high value in time and results. Don't even think about being late when you have an appointment with them!

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Catkins of the Alder Tree

Willow Tree (April 15 - May 12) - THE OBSERVER

If you are a Willow sign, you are smart, perceptive, and a natural psychic. You are ruled by the moon, so your connection to the mystical lunar realm is strong. This makes your creativity and intuition shine. And like the moon, you are nurturing, patient, and have an impressive hold on your emotions.

Hawthorn Tree (May 13 - June 9) - THE ILLUSIONIST

"What you see is what you get" - this doesn't apply at all to people born under Hawthorn. They are called 'illusionists' because they actually aren't who they appear to be. Get to know them better, and you'll find a creative, passionate, and well-adjusted person. They are excellent listeners and have a great sense of humor.

Oak Tree (June 10 - July 7) - THE CRUSADER

Need a brave soldier on the frontlines, or a shoulder to cry on? Call on someone born under Oak. They are a pillar of strength for many because of their courage and confidence. They often find themselves in situations where they defend others, especially the underdogs. Rely on them to get things done through smart strategy and sheer determination.

Holly Tree (July 8 - August 4) - THE RULER

If you're born under Holly, chances are you've taken more than one leadership role in your life. People with this zodiac sign effortlessly hurdle challenges with their impeccable skills. You are smart, self-reliant, and persistent. People look to you as their leader, because your vision and work ethic fit the job.

A branch of a Holly Tree

Hazel Tree (August 5 - September 1) - THE KNOWER

If there is ever a 'walking encyclopedia' among the signs, this would be people born under Hazel. You were born with a powerful intellect and continue to use this to guide you through everyday life. Your eye for detail is sharp, as well as your aptitude for numbers and science.

Vine Tree (September 2 - 29) - THE EQUALIZER

People born during the autumnal equinox have ever-changing personalities. You are a walking contradiction, which is not negative at all! Because you see both sides of the coin, you can play the 'equalizer' and empathize with both sides. You savor the finer things in life. Your elegance, eye for aesthetics, and talent for beautifying everything are what make you charming.

Ivy Tree (September 30 - October 27) - THE SURVIVOR

Having been born at the time of the dying sun, people born under Ivy often find themselves in a tight spot. But this doesn't mean that they just give up. Quite the opposite, really, as they are sturdy fighters and survivors. You ride through the waves of difficulty with a quiet, graceful strength. Whatever the difficulty, you finish strong and victorious.

Reed Tree (October 28 - November 24) - THE INQUISITOR

A nose for news? People born under Reed certainly have one! They are the curious bunch who continually dig up the truth about everything. When you want to get to the heart of an event, rely on them to get the dish on it. What these people value the most is truth, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve it.

Elder Tree (November 25 - December 23) - THE SEEKER

For those born under Elder, life is an adventure. And they don't intend to just sit it out. In fact, they are leading the way! If you are an Elder sign, you are fun, outgoing, and energetic, with an affinity for the outdoors. You're a risk-taker and thrill seeker, which makes people naturally drawn to you.

                                                                               Flowers of the Elder Tree

Whichever sign you are born under, the fact remains...

...you and your personality are an important part of the Universe!

You are connected to the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and every being that exists. You have a rightful place in this world. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Whenever you feel like you're getting disconnected, remember your Celtic tree astrological sign. Think about all your wonderful qualities - the qualities that make you, you!

One little slip-up doesn't define you. Only you know exactly who you are, and how you can shine your light on the world.

A simple trick to always remember this fact is having a visual prompt. Wearing a necklace around your neck is an example. Whenever you look in the mirror, you will see the necklace and it will give you reaffirmations.

So, when you have a Tree of Life necklace around your neck, you will always keep this in mind...

...that you're important, you're connected with the Earth, and you have a purpose in this world.

8 Responses

Pamela Bouffard
Pamela Bouffard

December 20, 2021

I am The Oak Tree. The Crusader, and I am very proud to be Scottish and Irish.


December 30, 2020

I am the ash tree. I didn’t know why I was attracted to the tree of life necklace at the time but I do now

Franklin Coolport
Franklin Coolport

October 30, 2020

Elder Tree The Seeker, that’s perfect for me..

Chessie Schoolcraft
Chessie Schoolcraft

September 06, 2020

I’m a willow tree. And it fits me perfect right to the T. Blessed be to all.


September 03, 2020

My Precious Daughter in law is a ROWAN, fits her to a T ! AND HER last name is ROWAN !!! ha! how amazing!


September 03, 2020

I’m an Ash tree


September 02, 2020

I’m a Rowan and my friend is a Holly Tree. Thanks, Melissa. Good read!!!

lesley lauteri
lesley lauteri

September 02, 2020

Im the Rowan, my husband is the Alder.

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