What Your Pentacle Necklace Was, Is, and Is Not (5 Facts!)

What Your Pentacle Necklace Was, Is, and Is Not (5 Facts!)


Do you know by now what your pentacle necklace means?

You’re wearing it to protect you, but did you know the pentagram is loaded with history?

It’s interesting to know that the pentagram has been used by many groups in the past and its meanings have evolved.

Learning the history of the pentacle is a humbling experience that somehow makes you more proud to wear it.

What The Pentacle Is: A Symbol Of Everything Good

The Pentagram is a symbol of protection. It can be drawn with just one line; without having to lift the pencil. The five points is a result of adding two (a feminine number) and 3 (a masculine number).

Enclosed within a circle, which is what a pentacle is, makes it universal, encompassing of the Elements and the totality of what makes us human. It is the symbol of unity, harmony, community, and love.

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What the Pentacle is Not: A Symbol Of Evil

It’s interesting how a symbol of protection can be misconstrued as a symbol of evil. Partly because the founder of modern Satanism adapted the inverted pentagram that many people nowadays are terrified seeing the pentagram or pentacle.

But it helps to know that the symbol of Baphomet is not the exact copy of the pentagram. If you run a search online, you will see the difference in both.

Who Brought Attention To The Pentagram: Pythagoras

Although the pentagram was used even before the time of Pythagoras, he brought public attention to it by explaining what it stands for. He explained: the number 5 is the number of Man; and each point represents an element (air, fire, water, and soul), which are the basic divisions of the body and soul.

He said that if all points were in harmony and unity, then a person’s body and soul would be in perfect health. It was a symbol of perfect holistic balance and health. It was a symbol of Hygeia, the goddess of healing.

Pythagoras would make the sign of the pentagram the way Christians would make the sign of the cross. This is how he would do it:

  • Place your hand on your left breast.

  • Bring your hand up to your forehead.
  • Then bring it down on top of your right breast.
  • Bring your hand back up to your left shoulder.
  • Then, bring it on your right shoulder.
  • Finally, bring your hand back to where you started - your left breast.

So if you believe in good health and protection, wear a pentacle necklace, pentacle bracelet or a pentacle shirt.

What The Pentacle Was: A symbol of Jesus’ five wounds

The five-pointed star was a Christian symbol to represent the wounds of Jesus. Before the cross, it was the star that was the symbol of Jesus.

It was during the Christianization of Rome that the pentagram was given an evil connotation by the Catholic Church.

Remember, the Catholic Church was vehemently against worship on anyone except the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

They also had a role to play demonizing the women who practiced witchcraft. The pentagram being the mark of the devil was propaganda by the church.

What The Pentacle Is: Gerald Gardner adopted the Pentacle In Modern Wicca

In the 1940's Gerald Gardner adopted the pentagram as a symbol of your degree of initiation. The pentagram with a point downward is the symbol of first-degree initiates. The pentagram with two points upward as the symbol of second-degree initiation. The pentagram with one-point upward was the symbol of third-degree initiation.  

The pentagram also symbolized the three aspects of the Goddess plus the two aspects of the God.

The pentacle necklace you wear around your neck is loaded with history… more history than stated here. The more you learn about it, the more you will be amazed.

The beauty of Wicca grows the more you learn about the meaning behind the symbols Wiccans use and how tied together, helps you form a greater understanding of the Universe, the Earth, and Yourself.

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August 19, 2020

Thank you, I love these history moments, as a study of Antiq. Religion History I learned this a very long time ago, I have put myself into many religions to learn and step back , take what I trust and know as truth and continue on my Wicca /Witchcraft path. Blessings to all and thank you again for your insight. Namaste


April 04, 2020

I am witch, not Wiccan, not Christian, not atheist. I take what I trust from all religions. I am……me. I truly appreciate articles like this with lots of facts that cover the pentacle’s relationship in many beliefs and truths that I can relate too. Love and Light to you this beautiful day!🌀❤️

Pamela Kay Waters
Pamela Kay Waters

April 03, 2020

Thank you

Diane Chamberland
Diane Chamberland

April 03, 2020

During this time with the Coronavirus I need to practice solitary Wiccan something I haven done in a very long time

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