What Is Your Wiccan Love Language?

What Is Your Wiccan Love Language?


If you're in a romantic relationship now, or you've been in one before, chances are that you and your partner have had your share of misunderstandings.

These misunderstandings range from the pettiest of things — like you forgetting to take out the trash — or ones that led to really big fights.

There's one good explanation why things between you two get lost in translation, and that is because both of you probably don't speak the same love language.


A love language is a person's way of showing that they love someone. This also describes how you want to feel loved.

In his book "The 5 Love Languages," Dr. Gary Chapman details the different ways you might give and express love:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Acts of Service
  • Giving/Receiving Gifts

Knowing your love language — both the way you convey your love to your partner, and the way you want your partner to convey it to you — will pave the way to more understanding in your relationship.




Wanna know what your love language is? Here, you'll discover the different ways of giving and receiving love — with a Wiccan twist, of course!

Words of Affirmation

Saying "I love you" is nice, but following it up with other sweet words will do the trick! If this is your love language, then you express your love for your partner through praise, encouragement, and promises.

As a Wiccan, you can also communicate your affection by casting spells of luck and protection for your partner. If they love literature and music, you can read them Wiccan love poems or love songs that you can easily find online.

Physical Touch

This isn't just about making love with your partner. Although that's one of the major ways to make your partner feel loved, being intimate in bed can also be supplemented by holding their hand, massaging them, or just being physically present with them.

Speaking of touch as a love language, you've probably heard of a hand-fasting ceremony, which many Wiccans and pagan couples do when they want to take their relationship to the next level! This is when a couple literally has their hands bound together by a hand-fasting cord, while they say vows to one another.

Quality Time

In this noisy and distracted world, quality time is truly a priceless gift that you can give to your loved ones. This means being with them during the biggest and smallest of life's moments, and being 100% present with them.

One great way of spending time with your partner is by exploring the outdoors. Take them on a camping trip, or a walk in the woods, where the two of you will revel in the beauty and divinity of nature... and, of course, revel in each other's company.

Acts of Service

When you constantly do nice things for your partner, this could be your love language. Your acts of service could range from sweet little gestures, like holding the door open for them... or a bigger act, like making you chicken soup and giving you a sponge bath when your partner is sick.

What's your favorite Wiccan drink? Is it ale, tea, or your own version of a witch's brew? Whatever it is, then you can convey your affection by mixing up your go-to beverage and drinking it with your partner.

Giving/Receiving Gifts

If this is your love language, then you value the time, effort, and symbolism behind the gifts that you give. You express your love by really thinking about the perfect gift, and your face lights up the second you see your partner's reaction upon opening the wrapping paper.

There's a lot of Wiccan gift choices for your loved one — from necklaces to shirts to mugs to a Book of Shadows! You know what your partner wants, so it's up to you what kind of stuff will make them smile.

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Nicole Ashmore
Nicole Ashmore

February 07, 2022

I feel that I give to my lover as well as want from my lover aspect from all of the love languages. Is that common??

 eddie carella
eddie carella

February 07, 2022

need some love with goddess

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