What Are Worry Stones and How Can They Help Me?

What Are Worry Stones and How Can They Help Me?


There is one type of item that predates the existence fidget spinners - it’s called the worry stone.

A worry stone is usually a smooth rock or gemstone and is the simplest and purest form of natural medicine! They may be as small as a thumbprint or as large as the palm of your hand. 

If you’ve heard of the term “worry stones,” also called as fidget stones, soothing stones, sensory stones, or thumb stones, I am sure you’ve wondered how they work. 

Worry stones produce a force field of healing energy which protects the aura, and they are gifts from the Mother Goddess.



It has been said that our ancestors discovered worry stones by picking up an especially smooth stone in the dust and began fiddling with it.

In Native American lore, the Indians carried stones in a bag or pouch and then handed them down to the younger generation. Through the bag of stones, the younger generation would have a link to their ancestors. They could ask them for help during times of difficulty.  

Stone beads are also used in the Christian and Buddhist traditions in the form of Rosaries or prayer beads. The stones are rubbed between the fingers as specific prayers are said.

Calming and Soothing Stones

According to the principles of cognitive behavior therapy, a worry stone helps support meditation and self-soothing exercises. Worry stones help counteract negative comforting habits like nail or lip biting, pulling your hair, or picking at a scab or something else on your skin.

Gently move your thumb back and forth over the surface of the worry stone while focusing on a positive affirmation. This act, although so simple, will help release physical tension, ease worries and anxieties. After a few minutes, you should feel a sense of calm and renewed focus on the task at hand.

Worry stones are also a discreet way to manage anxiety when you are in public. Nervous about a public performance? Keep a stone in your pocket and rub it and watch your anxieties fade away to be replaced with confidence.

Taking a test that will determine your future? Rub the stone during the exam. The beauty of worry stones is that you can ease your worries anywhere and anytime.

Make sure you have the worry stones within reach. Place them on your altar or in your pocket or purse so you can reach for them when you feel the stress building up.

Even just being in your pocket or purse, having a worry stone or worry stones with you will do wonders to your way of thinking.

Wiccan and Pagan practice

Worry stones are used in Wiccan and Pagan practice, as well as New Age crystal healing. Each stone has a vibrational energy that is unique to itself and this vibrational energy can affect you in a positive way.

There are as many varieties of worry stones as there are uses for them. You can find worry stones made from bone, ceramic, metal, wood and glass.

All worry stones correspond to the element of Earth, which offers gifts of patience, stability, peace, and harmony. Use them to ground or disperse negative feelings and energies.

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Types of Worry Stones

The most popular worry stones are the small and thin pieces of gemstone with a depression for the thumb. Some also come engraved with various symbols, to strengthen their power.

Semi-precious stones are a great choice due to their metaphysical properties:

  • Black onyx worry stones absorb negative energy and transform them into positive energy.
  • Clear quartz worry stones will help you become clear-headed and make important decisions.
  • Black agate worry stones help you take back control of your emotions so you don’t make regrettable actions.

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What is the best material for a worry stone? It all depends on your purpose. Are you having worries about love? Confidence? Money? Family?

Find out where your worries lie and find a perfect worry stone to address it.

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CA Flanagan
CA Flanagan

May 28, 2022

When I rub my worry stone, it is warm in my left hand and cold in my right. Why is that?

Liz L.
Liz L.

July 19, 2021

Please contact me about the possibility of bulk orders. Thanks for the free guide.

Worry Stones
Worry Stones

October 30, 2019

Thanks for the important information! This is really helpful. People must know about worry stones and their benefits.

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