Using Crystals to Attract Money

Using Crystals to Attract Money


Crystals provide more than just beauty to their owners. Used properly, crystals and gems can heal, protect and attract what you wish, such as money. Wicca is among several spiritual traditions that can make use of crystals and gems when doing magickal work.

Green symbolizes money. Almost any green crystal or gem attracts money, so if you have one that is not on this list, feel free to use it. If you have experience engraving, carve a money rune on your crystal to increase its effectiveness.

Many crystals have more than one use, so choose carefully to get maximum benefit. For example, use a crystal-like jade that both protects and attracts money. Having the extra protection might keep someone from stealing your newfound wealth!

Although not scientifically proven, the use of gems and crystals has been in practice for a long time, especially in paganism and witchcraft.

Money Attracting Crystals

Use one or more of these to attract money

These crystals and gems have many properties. The one quality that they all have in common is that they attract money and/or prosperity. Choose the ones that speak to you. Place them on the altar or wear them during your ritual. If you have enough, use them to create your magickal circle. Wear them or carry them with you to extend their effects.

  • Jade
  • Turquoise
  • Tiger's Eye
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Peridot


The jewel of the Orient, jade heals as well as attracts prosperity. Carrying feminine energy, jade also assists in love spells. Wearing a piece of jade while gardening will help the growth of your plants. Jade brings clarity and emotional balance. Put a piece of jade in your pillowcase at night to help you sleep. Carry or wear a piece of jade to tap into wisdom.


Like jade, turquoise protects as well as attracts prosperity. Wearing turquoise while traveling ensures a safe trip. Carrying or wearing turquoise also boosts courage. And like jade, turquoise is also a healing stone. Sacred to many Native Americans, turquoise can also be used in love spells and to attract new friends. Continue wearing turquoise after your money spells to continue attracting wealth.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye contains masculine energy and attracts luck as well as prosperity. Like many crystals, it has protective powers and brings beauty and harmony into your life. Tiger's eye is also used for past life work and divination.


Rubies are power stones. Use them for emotional work and to bring passion and beauty into your life. The ruby protects, especially in magickal situations. This firestone will attract money to your home as well as guard it against storms. Rubies can also help you fall asleep. Just put one in your pillowcase at bedtime.


This prosperity gem also attracts love, so wear them to bring both into your life. Pearls promote peace, particularly in the area of emotions. Pearls belong to the Moon and Goddess. Consider carefully using pearls in magick. The oyster must die for the pearl to be extracted so only use pearls for the most pressing magickal needs. Using water in spells utilizing pearls helps increase the spell's efficacy. The association with water means that pearls also provide great protection against fire. Yellow pearls work best for money spells, as do pink pearls. Use blue or black pearls to attract luck.


Emerald brings a wealth of money and love. Wearing emeralds will boost your intuition and psychic powers. Emerald is a healing stone and protects its wearer. Emerald also protects travelers. Carry or wear emerald when making a speech or when studying. Gaze into an emerald to rest tired eyes.


August's birthstone, peridot, brings health in addition to it attracting prosperity. If you have trouble sleeping, put a piece of peridot in your pillow. Wear peridot set into gold for best results in your magick. Your peridot can also ease insect bites and speed healing.

Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelets


Simple Money Spell

Arrange your favorite money-attracting crystals in a circle. Place a green candle in the center of the circle. Light the green candle. Write down the amount of money that you need on a piece of paper, preferably using a green pen. Fold the paper up and burn it in the candle flame.

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