Unleashing Your Inner Goddess? Here's How.

Unleashing Your Inner Goddess? Here's How.


Everyone, including you, has feminine and masculine energies. Think of these energies as yin and yang. 

Feminine energy is associated with goodness, empathy, and a sense of nurturing. Meanwhile, masculine energy is linked to strength and the spirit of conquering.

To live a happy and abundant life, you need to harness both your masculine and feminine energies. Think of it as yin and yang - one cannot exist without the other. 


Popular culture throughout the years has been placing more emphasis on the male counterpart. You can see this in movies and ads, which define a full life as one centered on dominating every aspect of one's life (career, romance, etc). 

In recent years, however, people have been putting the spotlight on feminine energy. This is because - in our often chaotic and overly competitive world - what we truly need is compassion.

So in this article, you're going to discover 5 ways to unleash your inner goddess. 

1. Tune in to the Moon's cycle

While you have your own inner cycle, you are also affected by the external ones surrounding you, especially the Moon's cycle. It's important for these to sync, so that you'll be able to know exactly what you'll need.

Every night, look at the Moon for five minutes. Identify where the moon is in its cycle. Know where you are in yours, too. Follow your heart. If you need time to relax, do so. If you feel like seizing the day and crossing items off on your goals list, go for it!

If you pay attention to your own cycle, and when you align this with the lunar cycle, you will put your priorities in order and find that much-needed grounding.

2. Live your truth

In this hyper-masculine society, men and women are conditioned to believe that there is only one definition of "success".

For example, people see putting other people first as a sign of weakness. Another example is that being a woman or a member of the LGBTQ+ community is inferior to being a man.

You and I both know that all of these are not true. We've been taught to be silent about our needs, but it's time we unlearn this and embrace our truth. A goddess never apologizes for being the way she is, and neither should you!

3. Honor your body

Whoever said that your body is a temple wasn't joking. Like a sacred space, your body's health is key to the flourishing of every other aspect in your life. When you're physically unhealthy, you won't be able to live your life to the fullest.

Honor your body primarily by accepting it. As long as you're healthy, learn to love the things that you don't see as "beautiful".

Then, take greater care of your body by eating healthier and exercising regularly. Also, it doesn't hurt to indulge your senses once in a while - a bubble bath or a day at the spa, perhaps?

4. Open up to the love and help you deserve

When faced with a difficult situation, you often find yourself retreating to your corner. You refuse to seek or accept the help that our family or friends offer, thinking that doing so is a negative thing.

Assuming that seeking help is a sign of weakness is another thing we need to unlearn. Our loved ones' affection is there not because we are weak. It is there because love is the greatest gift we can offer to anybody, especially ourselves.

When you accept the love and help you deserve, you will open yourself up to brand new opportunities. The things that you thought you couldn't do just became possible, with a little help from your friends.

5. Live in the present

So much of our lives is spent worrying about the future, that we forget the present. You should remember this: all you are ever sure of is now. This means that you and I will never be 100% sure of what's to come tomorrow.

While it is wise to prepare for your future, remind yourself to live in the present. Spend more time with the people you love and really listen to them. Enjoy your favorite cup of tea without worrying about work emails. Make it a daily ritual to unwind on the way home after work.

When you practice the art of slowing down and living in the moment, you'll see the beauty in life. Sure, there's still those work emails, but at least you'll have the sunset to look forward to.

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Jimmie woods
Jimmie woods

June 12, 2022

What if your all alone? You have no one not even family

Sharon Haynes
Sharon Haynes

June 12, 2022

Cycle of bipolar, up and down, linked to moon cycles?

Jerrilyn Rishling
Jerrilyn Rishling

June 12, 2022

Thank you for sharing this helpful information I’m right on track need to look at the moon and stars more and get better grounded thank you have an awesome weekend Blessed Be ♥️♥️

 eddie carella
eddie carella

March 11, 2022

work with freiya norse goddess the protector of the beautful

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