Transform Your Necklace Into A 6-in-1 Lucky Charm!

Transform Your Necklace Into A 6-in-1 Lucky Charm!


Wiccan jewelry is more than just fashion. You can wear it as a testament to your faith. Many witches use necklaces or bracelets as amulets that provide protection, energy, and positivity.

Aside from wearing it around your neck, a necklace surprisingly has many uses. With a little imagination and some DIY, a necklace can be upgraded and transformed into 6 magickal ways! 


You use keys everyday — for your home, car, office, and everything else that needs securing. That's why having a protection pendant, for example, for a keychain is important. You will have peace of mind knowing that your security is guaranteed.


If you're into wearing large rings, then you can DIY a pendant into a gorgeous piece to wear on your finger! It also makes a wonderful handmade present that's sure to be appreciated.


It's always exciting to play up your personal style, and this one is a must-try. Not only does the pendant add flare to your footwear, it also blesses you wherever your feet may take you. 


Securing your everyday things just got better when you have necklaces for bag charms. You can wind the necklace strap around the zipper puller. You can also take the pendant and use a craft adhesive to adorn your purse with. 



Having a powerful pendant for a refrigerator magnet gives you that extra push to pursue your dreams. Scribble a goal on a piece of paper -- like, say, "start running every morning" -- and stick it on the fridge with your magnet. Voila! You have an instant inspiration board!


Seeing a beautiful pendant is a nice welcome greeting for fellow witches when they step into your humble abode. Of course, hanging a powerful symbol on your door is a strong way to protect your home from negative energy.

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Tressa Fuller
Tressa Fuller

May 28, 2022

I love the necklace specially the one that has emeralds. That is my birth stone

Deborah Castaneda
Deborah Castaneda

July 19, 2021

I low the idea of the keychain. The chain broke on my amulet and I don’t always have pockets so this will work for me


March 09, 2020

I just loved this post! I will make myself some powerful jewellery right away!

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