Thoughts About The Pentacle Of The Moon In Black Onyx from Avelena

Thoughts About The Pentacle Of The Moon In Black Onyx from Avelena

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In this video, one of our customers is telling us why she picked the black onyx as a birthstone for her Pentacle Of The Moon.

She also tells us how she feels about everyone she talked to at The Moonlight Shop.

Video Highlights:

0:14 - Choosing the black onyx
0:27 - Effects of cleansing it and wearing everyday
0:35 - What she thinks of the quality
0:45 - Nothing but LOVE!

Video Transcript:

I am reviewing the Pentacle Of The Moon pendant from The Moonlight Shop.

Mine is in black onyx so you can choose from any of the twelve birthstones. I purchased black onyx because of its abilities to aid in new beginnings, detachment, emotional self control, and balance.

Upon cleansing it and wearing it every day, I noticed it does help with
what it says it does.

It is made from lead and nickel free pewter for durability and so it doesn't cause any allergic reactions. I love this product and definitely recommend.

Everybody that I talked to through this company has been very courteous and helpful.

You can get the Pentacle Of The Moon at
Again, it's .

Thank you for for watching. Blessed Be!

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Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson

April 20, 2022

This is very beautiful

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