This Is How To Make Meteor Showers More Magickal

This Is How To Make Meteor Showers More Magickal

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Meteor showers are one of the cosmos' greatest gifts to us humans. There's nothing quite like looking up at the night sky and marveling at the beauty of the Universe. 

Bright lights streaking across a dark canvass is in itself extraordinary. But how do you make a meteor shower all the more magickal?

Shower it with intentions

A meteor shower is an event where meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere and can be observed by the naked eye. As the meteoroid zips through the night sky, it creates hot air which you can see as a shooting star. 

Just like how you would time your spells to the phases of the moon, you can also declare your magickal intentions during meteor showers. 

I like to associate the bright streak of a meteoroid with great bursts of energy. So whenever I hear about an upcoming meteor shower, I prepare for a night where I can reflect on creativity and new projects. 

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, a bit of magick under a bright night sky will give you that push you need!

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What should you do?

The very first thing you need to do is check the news for upcoming meteor showers. There are many online sources for this. But, as an overview, here are the major meteor showers and the months that they peak:

Quadrantids - December/January

Lyrids - April

Perseids - August

Orionids - October

Leonids - November

Geminids - December

You need to make sure that the meteor shower will be visible in your area and that you have the correct date and time. Keep in mind that when the moon is full, you might not be able to see the shooting stars.

Once you've set a night for viewing, the next thing to do is to gather your essentials. They're not too many, just things that will make for a cozy night:

  • Picnic blanket, lawn chair, or anything on which you can lie down
  • Jacket or blanket to keep you warm
  • Hot drinks, like coffee or hot cocoa
  • Binoculars - not really necessary, but you can use them if you have a pair
  • A friend or significant other for good company

Sun, Moon, and Stars Premium Quilt

After you're warm and settled on the night of the meteor shower, look out for the quick, vibrant streaks of white light. 

Whenever you see one, visualize yourself as taking that first small step towards your goal. Picture yourself as a radiant, confident person who can do anything. Of course, challenges will come but you will overcome them one by one. 

Lastly, pick your favorite shooting star. At times when you feel like giving up on your goal, remember that shooting star - how it burned brightly and gloriously across the sky - and how its light entered your body. This is now your new source of energy. 

So you see, meteor showers aren't just majestic displays of Nature's beauty. They're also gifts from the Universe that help you manifest your goals.

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Cinders Clayton
Cinders Clayton

February 02, 2021

Oh my Stars!! I have been a follower of the Persiad meteor shower for 30 years and you have given me the Greatest idea! I’ve been wanting to invite my Wicca sisters to a gathering to worship and dance and celebrate and I shall plan our celebration to coincide with the persiad meteor shower 2021! It’s very warm here then and we can camp out & lie on rafts in water and watch the show! Blessed be!

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