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THIS is How We Came Up with The "Taunt The Witch They Said" Line

Our “Taunt The Witch They Said” line is one of our most popular lines on the Moonlight Shop. Which just confirms our belief when we made it. The truth is, we did not expect it to become so popular to the point that we would branch out to tote bags, mugs, and tanks.

We at the Moonlight Shop have a sense of humor that ranges from corny to really zany. It was one kinda slow day (mind you, this was the time when we were just starting out), and started joking around. Probably recycled jokes we learned in the past:

Q: What's the best thing about Pagan friends?

A: They worship the ground you walk on.

Q: How many Gardnerians does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Can't say. It's oathbound

Q: What's a witch's favorite subject in school?

A: SPELLing.

And in our jokey atmosphere, we conceived the “Taunt the witch they said” Shirt. It started out as just a single shirt. And it started out with a toad. Because according to James, there just has to be a toad!

So toad we went..

We were high (on humor) and we thought, people always think Wiccans are serious and without a sense of humor. I mean our ancestors started Halloween! Until the Christians repurposed it and turned it into a costume-wearing affair, wearing witch-y and scary costumes, our normal clothes, mind you!

We have got to address that. And we are doing it with this shirt. We wanted to start a revolution before we came down from the high. So we rushed our designer with the design and here’s what he came up with:

After it went live on the shop, we were bombarded with orders and requests that it be turned into sweaters, tanks, mugs, and even tote bags!

This just confirmed our belief that we have got a lot of funny witches around the world just aching to express their witchy humor! And since we ALWAYS listen to our customers, their wish became our command.

Blessed be to all our humorous Wiccan brothers and sisters!

If you wanna check out the “Taunt The Witch They Said” line, click here:

Taunt the Witch Products from the Moonlight Shop


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