The Power Of The Brooms Of Elder Necklace

The Power Of The Brooms Of Elder Necklace


The Brooms of Elder Necklace is one of the most wanted Wiccan necklaces out there. It is a necklace of beauty and deep meaning. Of course, it starts with a pentacle, which immediately makes it immensely powerful. But there's more to it than the average Wiccan necklace you come across from time to time. 

The Power of 5

Focusing in on the pentacle of the Brooms of Elder necklace lies the elder flower. Each elder flower has 5 petals, 5 yellow stamens, and 5 sepals where a tiny green star forms. The Elder tree, where the elder flower comes from was very sacred to the Druids. All parts of the Elder tree could be used as a form of medicine. The druids would use the branches, flowers, and the leaves to treat sickness, pain and swelling.

The Wise Guardian Of The Elder Tree

The Elder tree is a tree of healing, banishment, prosperity, beginnings, and endings. There is a spirit that guards the Elder tree called the Elder fairy of transformation. She is your link to the Mother Goddess, and she has the wisdom of the Crone. She guides you on what you should keep and what you should throw away. It is considered a disrespectful move to cut down the Elder tree. The Elder fairy will punish those who do that!

Banishing Negativity

Around the elder flower, at each point of the pentacle, are brooms. What do brooms do? Brooms are a symbol of sweeping away negative energy and negative experiences. And not only do they sweep them away, they also keep them away

After a woman gives birth, our ancestors would use the broom to sweep away the negative energies that could latch on to the mother and the child. In fact, keeping a boom by the main door of your house will protect everyone who lives in it. 

The Brooms of Elder Necklace And You

Now, what could the Brooms of Elder Necklace mean to you?

Other than the fact that it has a beautiful design (it's hard to find something like it!), the Brooms of Elder Necklace will transform your life. The moment you get your hands on the Brooms of Elder Necklace, try not to get overwhelmed by the positive energy it radiates!

Brooms of Elder from the Moonlight Shop

Wearing the Brooms Of Elder Necklace, you know you are protected. And you know something is actively pushing negativity away from you. With its 5 brooms all working to sweep away the negativity that's in your way, you are making room for more positive experiences in your life.

If you're in need of a Mother figure, if you've lost your mom, the Brooms of Elder necklace will give you a direct line to the Mother Goddess. You are always going to feel Her presence. You will never feel alone again. Talk to the Mother Goddess as you would with your mom, and receive her wisdom. 

A lot of people report feeling like their life has since been charmed when they started wearing the Brooms of Elder Necklace. I guess it's time to welcome the Brooms of Elder into your life?:)

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December 20, 2021

I lost my mom in 2009 to cancer then my step dad in 2015

Gail hatch
Gail hatch

October 07, 2021

I need the pendant !!!!

Wilma Broyles
Wilma Broyles

March 25, 2020

Love to be able to read this everyday

Dane Heath
Dane Heath

March 19, 2020

Could I possibly get your ‘free 9 tips guide’ in print?

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